Areas that Get 5G Telkomsel and Indosat - Those who know that Telkomsel and Indosat have been granted permission to use 5G services in Indonesia, do you already know the areas that get 5G Telkomsel and Indosat?

Both of them have obtained an SKLO or Certificate of Operation Worthiness from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo).

List of Regions that Get 5G Telkomsel and Indosat

We have compiled a list of current Telkomsel and Indosat Ooredoo 5G service locations. Plus, we'll show you how to enable 5G so you can start using it now.

Indosat 5G

The input/output bandwidth is 20 Mhz, and the operating frequency ranges from 1837.5 to 1857.5 GHz.

Indosar 5G operational areas:

  1. Jakarta
  2. Solo
  3. Surabaya
  4. Macassar

Telkomsel's 5G

Operating frequency: Telkomsel uses a 2.3 GHz data plane and 1.8 GHz radio frequency band for the control plane.

Telkomsel 5G operating area:

  1. DKI Jakarta
  2. Surabaya
  3. Macassar
  4. Bali
  5. Batam
  6. Medan
  7. Solo
  8. Balikpapan
  9. Bandung

Telkomsel describes the deployment of DKI Jakarta's 5G, including Kelapa Gading, Pondok Indah, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Bumi Serpong Damai, Widya Chandra, Alam Sutera. After that there is GraPARI Soekarno Hatta Airport which is located in Jakarta.

How to activate on 5G cellular network

For consumers who want to experience 5G services, it is recommended to guarantee the following:

  1. Using a 4G network SIM card or uSIM card
  2. Be in a place that can already use 5G network services.
  3. For the best experience, make sure you have a smartphone that is compatible with 5G networks and services, as well as the 5G frequencies used by Indonesian mobile service providers.
  4. According to Telkomsel, the 5G network function automatically activates existing customer cellphone numbers. However, activation is still being carried out on its customers in stages.
  5. If you want to activate the 5G feature on a number, you can also fill out the registration form to activate the 5G network and services.


This is an article about Regions that Get 5G Telkomsel and Indosat. Of course, this new generation of 4G network has a more reliable speed. So you will have no trouble using the internet anywhere.

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