How to Prevent Facebook Account Theft - Many don't know how to prevent theft of Facebook accounts, so you should know the method in the article below to protect your Facebook account.

Phishing attempts to hijack Facebook accounts are on the rise now. One way is to send a message indicating that your Facebook account has been disabled due to copyright infringement.

In addition to the ability to send messages, users will also be notified via email if they have violated the copyright policy. The goal is to steal the user's login credentials.

Characteristics of Messages from Facebook Account Thieves

There are several steps you can take to prevent theft of your Facebook account, as follows:

First, please pay attention to the content in the email message. While it doesn't feature the grammatical errors often observed in spam, anyone will detect that the letter isn't written in a well-constructed manner.

Then, to mislead the email's spam filter, the perpetrator deliberately inserts a slight error in the body of the email by providing a capital I instead of a lowercase L. You'll be able to tell right away whether a serif font is being used in your email.

In the email sent, there is a link that leads to Facebook. This is another way to fool the spam filter. However, there was no official announcement on the page, only a comment.

After clicking on the link, a user will appear asking for the email or phone number associated with your Facebook account. The interface page itself looks like Facebook, but on closer inspection, it has nothing to do with a social network.

The password will be entered into the display after the user presses the “submit” button. Your account will be compromised if anyone uses this page to enter their password.

How to Prevent Facebook Accounts from Piracy

  1. Before you click on a link in an email, make sure you know who sent it. Non-Facebook email domains cannot be used to send Facebook alerts.
  2. The body of the email contains some unusual letters that you should be able to identify. errors and typos in the contents of the e-mail, and consider every incoming message questionable.
  3. Always log into your account using application or by entering the URL by typing it instead of clicking on the link.
  4. Avoid entering login credentials through third parties or other sites, but if you do and lose access to your account, please contact customer service immediately.
  5. Protect your users by using anti-virus software that can detect malicious web page attempts.


That's how to prevent Facebook account theft, in the article above there are 5 ways you need to pay attention to, even though you already know how to prevent Facebook account theft, you still have to be careful and stay on guard.

Thus the article on How to Prevent Facebook Account Theft, I hope this article can be useful and help all of you protect against Facebook account theft.

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