Spotify and Discord Could Not Be Accessed – Spotify and Discord back up after outage linked to Google Cloud. On Tuesday, March 8, thousands of Spotify and Discord subscribers were temporarily unable to access their accounts. This information appears according to the outage monitoring website,

In the case of Spotify, more than 138,000 subscribers have reported problems, while in the case of Discord, more than 65,000 users have reported problems.

"We are aware of an issue causing messages to fail and working on a fix," Discord wrote in a tweet.

Discord confirmed that the cause of the difficulty was due to technical reasons as reported by “A Google Cloud component named “Traffic Director,” which is responsible for creating our load balancer layer, has been identified as the main source of this issue. This causes our internal load balancer layers to fail, resulting in a loss of API availability. “

Spotify and Discord Error

However, when the repair was carried out, at around 03.00 WIB Discord was again being serviced as usual.

Another way Downdetector tracks issues is by gathering information from a variety of different sources, including user-reported errors on the platform itself. Outages may impact additional users.

"We are investigating what went wrong. Yes, I appreciate your feedback!” tweet the status of the Spotify Twitter account around 01.22 WIB, March 9 2014. However, a few hours later, Spotify was finally available again.

It's not known exactly why certain Spotify subscribers are unable to access the service. Spotify itself has not provided a more in-depth explanation regarding this matter.


Thousands of Spotify and Discord users were unable to access their accounts for a short time. In the case of Spotify, more than 138,000 subscribers reported problems, while on Discord more than 65,000 users reported problems. Google Cloud "was identified as the main source of this problem," according to Discord.

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