Useful and Worth-Know WhatsApp Web Tips - You must know the latest tips for using whatsapp web, see the explanation in the following article. As we know that the WhatsApp application can be installed on Android mobile devices and desktops with the Web version.

The chat feature of WhatsApp has been changing frequently since 2021. By uploading new features, the web version of WhatsApp also receives updates. What are the current WhatsApp Web features in 2022?

Although some of the features are a little outdated, they have been improved. But there are some additional features that are all new. Check out the full review below.

Discover What is WhatsApp Web & WhatsApp Web Tips

WA Web or Whats App Web is a very useful feature in WA. When using other programs on your laptop or PC, you can open application WA conversations via the web using the WA Web feature.

Even though this application is not as complete as the HP version of the WA application, the presence of WA Web is quite useful when you work in front of a laptop/PC because you don't often open your cellphone and can concentrate on work. WA Web can be accessed on a laptop/PC via a browser or by downloading the application first.

Opening WA Web directly from the application is more practical and efficient than having to open it through a browser every day.

It's much more convenient to use it directly from the browser than needing to download and install an application first. Here's how to open a WA Web account without using the application:

  1. Open the browser on the laptop navigate to the web page
  2. Once the website opens, a QR Code will be displayed.
  3. On your phone, open the WhatsApp application then tap on the three dots on the top right corner and select the associated device option.

If you plan to use the device for an extended period of time, select the Stay Logged in checkbox when you tap the connect device button and scan the QR code.

Latest WhatsApp Web Feature Tips 2022

From year to year the WhatsApp application is increasingly popular in the community, but there are many similar conversation applications that provide various interesting features. WhatsApp is constantly improving its features, including the WhatsApp Web app, to stay ahead of the competition. In 2022, WhatsApp Web is launched with various unique features including:

Privacy Settings feature

WhatsApp is testing new privacy features for the desktop and web versions of the app as well as the mobile app. You can now hide specific contacts' profile photos, feature updates, articles, and last seen from the privacy settings menu.

It is possible to use this feature on someone you are trying to avoid without them knowing because of this feature.

Previously, this feature could only be accessed on the WhatsApp GB application, but in 2022 WhatsApp will integrate it into features on WA Web to make it more attractive. The amount of time it takes to delete text is increasing.

This year WhatsApp developed a new feature for WA Web, namely a feature to extend the time for deleting messages.

Messages sent to friends may no longer be deleted after 1 hour and 8 minutes, as they were before. Messages can now be deleted within seven days. You can access this feature on WA Web BETA version

Message reaction

WhatsApp Web's Message Reaction feature, which will be attractive in 2022, is one of the newest features of the app. Through this feature you can offer responses or reactions to messages conveyed by other individuals.

Any emoji can be used to convey a reaction, such as laughing, smiling, surprised, and so on. The presence of this feature on WhatsApp Web will certainly make sending messages more enjoyable. You can also check who has responded to your message.


A source said that in 2022 WhatsAppa will roll out the newest Community feature for the WA Web version. By using this feature, you can create groups within existing groups. This, of course, narrows the scope of the WA Web community. Don't worry, discussions from this group are securely encrypted.

Features for Editing Photos

This is the feature WhatsApp Web users miss the most. The creators of WhatsApp have announced via Twitter that a new feature, namely image editing, will be introduced for the desktop version of WA or WA Web.

With this feature, you can edit images using the WA application on the Web without any problems. Now you can crop, rotate photos, and other editing options.

Create your Own Sticker

Stickers & Emojis are a fun feature in all chat apps including WA. In 2022, you can create your own custom stickers and share them with other World of Warcraft players.

Chat Backup Feature

This feature is coming with an update in 2022. Your interaction with friends will not be lost if you use the backup chat feature.

You can back up your discussions as often as you like to keep your conversation history up to date.

WA subscribers will be lured away from competing chat services such as Telegram and Line with the presence of new and exciting features.

Every feature update that is included makes chatting on the desktop more fun and the features are more complete like the HP version. Thanks for reading, and hopefully useful.


The presence of WA Web makes it quite easy for you to work in front of a laptop/PC. It's much more convenient to use it directly from the browser than needing to download and install an application first.

In 2022, WhatsApp Web has various unique features including: 1. Privacy Settings feature. WhatsApp is testing a new privacy feature for the desktop and web versions of the app.

Messages sent to friends may no longer be deleted after 1 hour and 8 minutes, as they were before. WhatsApp Web users will be lured away from Telegram and Line by the arrival of new and exciting features.

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