The Easiest Way to Transfer XL Credit – Now, there is the easiest way to transfer XL credits that can help you in an emergency. Apart from being practical, credit transfers are very useful, and are still a top up or top up option for many people.

Credit transfer is also often used for payment transactions. XL is one of the telecommunications companies in Indonesia with a large number of consumers. There are various ways to transfer XL credits or give XL credits.

List of XL Credit Transfer Methods

There are 4 ways to transfer XL credit or how to send XL credit, including the following:

How to Transfer XL Credit to 168 via SMS

  1. Type Divide (space) the destination number (space) for the credit nominal
  2. Send to 168
  3. Receive notification SMS
  4. Type “Y”
  5. Send to 168
  6. Determine the nominal pulse starting from 1,000 to 200 thousand rupiah (multiples of 1,000 rupiah)
  7. Send to: 1(destination number)
  8. Receive SMS
  9. Confirmation
  10. Type “Y”

How to Send XL Credit via SMS to Recipient Number

  1. Open the SMS menu
  2. Type Share (space) the nominal credit and send it to the recipient number
  3. You will receive a notification "you will share the amount of credit (a certain amount) to number 0878xxxxx."
  4. Reply by entering 'Y'
  5. Get another “you did it! Share the credit to 0878xxxx for (the nominal credit)”.

The best way to transfer XL credit is the MyXL application

Another option for transferring XL pulses that can be done is by using application myXL. By utilizing this smartphone application, you can transfer credit to friends or family.

Initially, of course, you have to install the MyXL application first. The next step is to access the Share Credit option on the MyXL application.

After that, you will learn about your current credit situation. If you want to distribute credit, you can enter the credit recipient number and the amount donated. Click Submit when you are done.

How to Transfer XL Credit via UMB *123*168#

  1. Enter *123*168# and make a call
  2. A notification will appear "you want to share credit, please enter the destination number". Then enter the destination number.
  3. You will receive another notification "you will share credit to 0878xxxx, please enter the nominal value. A minimum of 1 rupiah and a maximum of 500 thousand rupiah. Please enter the nominal amount of credit you want to send
  4. Credit transfer is successful, and a notification appears “you succeeded! Share credit to 0878xxxx for (the nominal you specify).


Thus the article regarding the easiest way to transfer XL credit, you can transfer or send XL credit in 4 ways, namely via SMS, SMS to the recipient's number, the MyXL application, and via UMB.

All of the methods above have the same goal, namely to transfer or send XL credit, you can decide for yourself which method you want to use, good luck and I hope this article is useful.

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