Here's How to Leave a WhatsApp Group Without Being Known – Many WhatsApp users want to leave the group but don't want to be caught, in this article we will provide a way to leave the WhatsApp group without the members knowing, see below.

By using WhatsApp group chats, you can communicate in real time with many people in one conversation room.

However, sometimes the large number of incoming messages received from the WhatsApp group every day makes it unpleasant. While we think that leaving the group will give a bad impression and be disrespectful to other members.

How to Leave a WhatsApp Group Without Being Known

Here are some pointers to keep in mind if you want to quietly leave a WhatsApp group without other members knowing:

1. Change to New Number

Changing your phone number is a simple method to leave a WhatsApp group without other members knowing.

But the problem is, this strategy is not suitable if you still want to use the old number.

2. Fake phone number

The way to 'leave' from the WhatsApp group without being noticed by group members is almost the same as the previous recommendation. However, you don't need to change the number permanently.

For the most part, you will want to keep regenerating new numbers. Then visit the settings menu on WhatsApp (three dots above). Then click on Account and select the Change Number option. Enter the new number after that.

After the first stage is complete, immediately leave the group you want to leave. Next, on the cellphone settings menu, select the WhatsApp program, then delete data and cache.

Then the WA account will disappear, but your name will still be on the group member list. Then finally launch the WhatsApp program and start re-registering using the old number.

Due to the need for two phone numbers and the number of steps it takes to create a WhatsApp group not being detected properly, this approach is a bit tricky.

3. Rename and Delete Profile Photo

In this approach, users can leave the group unnoticed if they don't want to change to a new phone number.

What you need to do is pretty easy, it's basically changing the profile name and deleting the profile picture. To do so, click on the options menu (three dots above) and select Settings.

After that, change your username to something else and delete your profile picture. Return to the appropriate group menu and select leave group to leave the group as usual after making the necessary modifications.

By trying this strategy, no one will know that you left the group because the alerts received by other members do not contain your name.


If you have read the article above, there are several ways you need to do to leave the WhatsApp group without being noticed.

Thus the article regarding How to Leave a WhatsApp Group Without Being Known, we hope this article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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