This is How to Enlarge PDF File Size Easily and Practically – How to enlarge the PDF file size is quite easy. For those of you who want to increase the size of a PDF file, there are at least three techniques you can do.

People all over the world use the PDF file format. We could only enlarge and reduce the size of the PDF, as we could with any other file.

List of Ways to Enlarge PDF Size

For individuals who want to enlarge a PDF file but don't know how, here are three easy techniques to increase the size of a PDF file:

1. Using the PDFResizer site

There are various sites on the internet that are specifically made for PDFs, one of which is There are several features for PDF on the site, one of which is to increase the size of the PDF.

How to Use PDFResizer:

  1. First, please visit
  2. Then click Browse
  3. Select the desired PDF file (maximum 100MB), then click Upload File
  4. Adjust the settings, then click Look good, do the magic
  5. Wait for the process. If so, you can immediately save the results to your PC

2. Using the Docpub website

Just like PDFResizer, Docupub is a site specially developed for PDF files. On this site, we can enlarge the PDF size.

How to use Docpub:

  1. First, visit
  2. After that, first change the Resize/Scale Setting column
  3. Click “Browse”, then select the PDF file you want to resize
  4. Then click Upload & Resize
  5. Wait for the process. If so, you can directly save it to your computer

3. Using Adobe Photoshop

Both of these methods can only be done online. But what if you want to do it offline? However, we can take advantage of Adobe Photoshop.

Since it's usually used for photo editing, people don't realize that Adobe Photoshop can actually be used to enlarge PDF sizes.

How to Use Adobe Photoshop:

  1. First, please open Photoshop on the computer. Then click File >> Open >> select the PDF file whose resolution you want to change
  2. Once opened, you will find the settings option. Please adjust all settings
  3. When finished, click File >> Save As >> Select Photoshop PDF and Save
  4. Finally, if the window appears again, click “Save PDF”
  5. Once saved, you can open the results directly on your PC


That's an article on how to Enlarge PDF Files Easy and Practical, after reading the article above which method do you want to use? The above methods have different advantages and disadvantages for each method.

Thus the article about This is how to Enlarge PDF File Size Easily and Practically, I hope the article above can be useful for all of you, good luck.

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