Website Changing Background Free and Fast – For those of you who are still having trouble changing the background, in this article we will recommend a website to change the background for free and quickly and without being complicated.

A passport photo is one of the document requirements for various purposes, starting from the CPNS list, applying for a driver's license, KTP, marriage requirements, passports and others.

However, the background color of the photo that is owned sometimes doesn't meet the requirements, so we need to edit it. Luckily, changing the background of a photo doesn't require using a third-party app.

List of Websites Changing Backgrounds Quickly

Below are 3 websites that we have summarized from various sources, including:

1. How to change the photo background on

Removing, editing, and changing the background of a photo is very easy using's drag-and-drop interface.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use's photo background changer:

  1. Open the browser application and visit the website Remove. bg
  2. Click Select a photo to select the photo you want.
  3. Wait until the photo upload is complete.
  4. Photos will automatically remove the background.
  5. Click Edit to change the color/image on the photo background.
  6. You can take a photo by clicking the Download button.

It's easy, right? You can also directly download photos without a background or transparent, you know.

2. How to change the photo background using

Apart from, AirMore can be used to edit photos. The approach is as below:

  1. Go to page
  2. Select "Upload Image"
  3. Click “Recognized People” and select the desired photos
  4. After that, the background detection process starts
  5. Then the photo background will disappear automatically
  6. Next, select a color by pressing the Edit menu button at the top
  7. Then select the Change Background menu,
  8. Click Download once it's done

3. How to Edit Photo Backgrounds with Background Burner

Here's how to use Background Burner on a laptop to change photo backgrounds online. Make sure our internet connection is reliable!

  1. Go to page
  2. Create an account and login
  3. Then click Choose a Photo
  4. Select the image or photo you want to edit the background for
  5. Wait until the process is complete
  6. Then click Touch Up to set it up
  7. Then it will go to the editing page.
  8. Use the two tools provided on the site to make some more adjustments.
  9. Click Mark Foreground to add or restore missing sections
  10. When finished editing, click Preview to see the results
  11. If the results match, click Finish
  12. Then, select Replace Background
  13. Next select a background
  14. If so, click Save and Download.


That's how to change the background simply and quickly without an application. May be useful.

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