Application to Restore Lost Data on Android – As we know, losing files on your Android can sometimes be annoying. But now there are applications to restore lost data on Android. Files that are lost and maybe important you can get them back through the application.

Recovering this important file is something you will have to do one way or another. And maybe you are lazy to download it again so you just want to return it.

Don't worry, we will provide several applications that can help you recover lost Android files.

List of Apps to Restore Lost Data

Below there are applications and ways to restore lost data on Android, as follows:

1. DigDeep Image Recovery

This program is good for recovering deleted photos from old to recent deleted ones.

How to use it: once installed, open the program and then run Android folder scan, wait for the procedure.

After that you will see some photos that you have deleted. You can easily restore it to your android storage.

2. Dumpster – Recycle Bin

This program is also useful for recovering deleted files or data on Android. As in the computer trash

This software does not require root access or runs in the background. This tool is unique in that it can recover lost mp3, mp4, jpg, png, pdf, txt and other files from various media.

Android users will be happy to know that this program does more than just recover lost files from their devices. Apart from that, you can use this program to keep files from being accidentally deleted.

When you delete files and want to recover them, just open the program without going through the scanning procedure first.

Instructions for using the Dumpster Recycle bin: Playstore users can download the Dumpster Recycle app. After installation, run the program, then select the files you want to back up in the trash.

Even if you delete a file, a copy remains in the trash. To get it back, all you have to do is enter the app.

3. Recover Deleted Photos

Recovering a large number of accidentally lost photos is easy with our powerful scanning tool. This program will quickly scan the entire android storage.

This application helps recover deleted photos in the mobile gallery. It is free to return at any time.

What you need to know about using the Recover deleted photos app: Open the deleted image recovery software from Playstore after you install it and save your photos again.

Press start recovery to start it. Select the photos you want to restore, then select the recovery option. The photos you selected will be saved to your Android device storage when the procedure is complete.

4. Google Photos

You must already know this Google Photos application. A tool to back up and restore photos and other files from your Android device.

You can recover deleted files anytime you want. Playstore offers a version of this software which is only a few megabytes in size.

Using the Google Photos app: Launch Google Photos and look for the “Trash” option. The trash function will reveal all the photos you have deleted before.

To restore it, you just select the arrow option under the program. When finished, the photos you deleted will be returned to your Android storage.

The trash function has a time limit, if you want to recover files that have been deleted for 3 months, it's not worth it.

The reason behind this is because Google Photos only keeps deleted photos within 60 days. If it's been 60 days you haven't taken a deleted photo.

5. Google Drive

The Google Drive program can also store backup files, you know. This application is widely used to store our important files. Google Drive provides more than 2GB of storage for the files you want to save.

How to take advantage of the Google Drive app: Launch the Google Drive app. Look under the “Trash” menu. Then find the file you want to restore to Android storage.

After that, click the “Restore” button. Google Photos and Google Drive are very similar services. There is a 60 day grace period for both parties to retain information. Google Drive stores all types of files whereas Google Photos only stores image files.

6. Undeleter Recover Files & Data (Root)

Like the previous application, there is not much difference in this application. In other words, you can run a scan on your download hard drive or external storage device and then start the recovery process.

Before you use this program. Your Android must be rooted. There are free and premium features in this program.

The free option can only recover files like photos, sms and txt. To be able to recover files of various formats, you need to take advantage of premium features.

What you need to know about Undeleter Recover Files & Data: Install the Undeleter Recover Files & Data application from the google play store, then launch the program. Always allow root access for apps. Select the restore file or restore data option.

Find deleted files in internal and external memory. Journal scan and deep scan are two options.

Journal scan: will scan all existing forms of application formats Deep scan: we can select files to fetch.

Select scan at the bottom to start the procedure. Just wait for the file you deleted to appear. Select the files you want to restore.

The symbol in the upper right corner can be used to restore your selection if it's accidentally deleted.

7. Photo Recovery Application

The program is the same as the previous application, which recovers files in .jpg, .png format by scanning the entire android storage.

To use this software, you need root access. Image recovery software usage instructions: Install image recovery program in playstore then launch the app.

Scan android storage and find the photos you want to recover. Select the restore image option then the photo you selected is directly stored in Android storage.

8. Restore Image (Super Easy)

Recover lost photos from Android storage with this simple software. Root access is not required for this software, therefore you can recover your photos without it.

Using Restore image software is very easy. Download Restore image app (very simple) in play store then launch the program.

Specify the folder where the photos you want to recover were destroyed. Click the image then select the restore image option in the lower right corner.

You can recover lost photos while waiting for the procedure to finish.

9. DiskDigger (Root)

This program helps restore deleted files on android. In order to use this software, you must have the appropriate privilege level on your computer.

If your android is rooted, don't hesitate to use this program. DiskDigger is able to search through all storage on an Android device and recover various files that have been lost or deleted by mistake.

How to use the diskDigger application: Install the diskdigger program in the playstore then launch the application.

Whether you provide root access to the app, a notification will appear asking if you want to “upgrade to pro.” If not, just select “no thanks” to decline the upgrade.

Find the file folder that you want to restore back to android. Click OK after you select the file format. The program will scan the storage. When finished select the file and select save.

If the files you want to restore are on the SD card, you can do the same.

10. 4EXT Recovery

This program is the recommended application for you if you want to restore deleted files. When compared to other applications, 4EXT Recovery offers a high level of complexity.

To use features that are not provided by this application, you must make a payment first.


Thus the article regarding applications to restore lost data on Android, of the ten applications to restore lost data on Android, which application do you want to use?

The application above has its own advantages and disadvantages, so use the application above according to your needs, good luck.

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