Colorful Android LED Notification Application – For Android users, you may not know about the Android LED notification application that used to be on the Blackberry which had the impression of having a flashing LED notification, for old users it may have felt it until the Blackberry OS finally stopped operating.

Alerts such as phone calls, text messages, WhatsApp messages and other social media notifications can all be seen clearly thanks to the notification light.

On some smartphones, the notification light can be set according to the desired hue. Changing the notification led color is a simple process, just like it is with Xiaomi devices.

Use notification led app Android, like blackberry or want colorful lights accessible, you can make your phone look cooler.

Below we have collected application what is interesting to use. Are you curious as to what happened? Let's check out some evaluations of notification led programs for Android.

10 LED Notification Apps on Android

Below is a colorful Android LED notification application that you can download on your cellphone, namely:

1. LED Blinker Notifications Lite

The first is LED Blinker Notifications Lite which we can use to find out if there are incoming calls, SMS and emails and so on by looking at the notification light.

You can choose any hue for each notification you will receive, of course, your smartphone also includes LED light capabilities. We can't talk about what doesn't exist.

Don't worry, because we can still use it by using the cellphone screen that we have.

2. Light Flow Pro

Light Flow Pro is a paid application that allows us to customize the LED lights on our Android phones and tablets.

Not only can you change the color of the light, but you can also adjust the vibration when an alert comes in. To make your phone look better, you can activate the live wallpaper on the lock screen.

As explained by Light Flow Pro, this application is able to control more than 600 applications. Interested in trying it? You can buy this application in the play store for 26 thousand.

3.LightManager 2

Notification-based application with three modes of operation: normal mode, alternative mode and screen mode. It's one of several out there. Of course, each mode has a specific purpose.

You can directly test the Light Manager 2 app on the Play Store to see how it works. Almost every application on our phone may have the lighting adjusted.

4. FrontFlash Notification

FrontFlash Notification is a solution for people who don't have notification led light but have front flash or front camera flash on their phone.

This application can notify the user that there is an incoming notification by turning on FrontFlash so that it's easier for us to see it.

This is an ad-free led notification application that is provided free of charge for Android users.

5. Glimpse Notifications

While you cannot change the color of the notification light for some apps, Glimpse Notifications provides an important option for its customers.

This feature is when a notification comes in, the user no longer needs to touch the power button to access it. Enough with just swiping the screen then the phone will open immediately.

Double touch to lock, this function is quite beneficial if the power button on the smartphone that we have doesn't work or is even damaged. You can also select an alert from any program that can bring the screen to life.

6. Flash notifications

If you don't have LED notification light on your smartphone, you may still get cool alerts with our Flash Notifications.

This application will use the flash on the camera as a notification light when a notification comes in. You can also decide for yourself what programs are configured to display light alerts.

Even if the phone is on silent or vibrate mode, it may still receive alerts. If you're wondering what else is on offer, you can get a copy by clicking here.

7. LED Flash Alerts on Calls & SMS

This program will help you when there is an incoming call or SMS but you don't know it. The Flash Alerts on Call & SMS LED will then flash to indicate that an incoming call and an SMS message have been received in this light.

Even the notification light mode can be adjusted to strobe mode for faster notifications. But not only that, because this program can also be used for other applications such as Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp and other applications.

LED Flash Alerts on Call & SMS is a free application that you can get from the Google Play Store.

8. Ultimate Flash Alerts

When you get a notification via a phone call, text message, or other app, you'll receive a flash alert. When this happens, the LED flash on your smartphone's camera will blink.

In this program the user can also change the light intensity on the flash so that it can be set to bright or low. Apart from that, we can also activate vibrate when there is an incoming notification.

More than 4000 people have downloaded Ultimate Flash Alerts. In addition, with a size of 6.7 MB, this application does not threaten the performance of your cellphone.

9. Flash Notification by Z Mobile

Flash Notification is an application produced by Z Mobile which is not much different from other notification programs. Not only can it display phone and sms alerts, but also provide flash notifications for your watch and when your power is low.

That way, if your battery runs low, you won't be blinded by notifications. With simple settings, you only need to run and activate it through the menu in it.

10. Flash Notifications 2

You won't find other led notification apps like Flash Notification 2 anywhere else. Not only in the form of flash on mobile phones, but Flash Notification 2 will provide different alerts for each application.

So it's enough to just glance at the notification light, you don't need to be confused about what's coming in, such as WA, SMS, Line, FB Messenger and others.

Flash Notification 2 also includes a free-to-use screen flash. Especially for applications that use the flash function on the camera, you have to use it at a certain time or exclusively.

It is possible that overuse may cause the flash to turn off or may result in an error.


Thus the application regarding the colorful Android LED notification application, after reading the article above which application do you want to download and use?

Of course, the LED notification applications for Android phones above have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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