Front LED Notification App for Android – This time we will fully analyze what are the top Android front LED notification applications that you can download on the Google PlayStore for free.

The LED light is of course quite useful as it helps indicate that an upcoming notification or notification has arrived. Social media such as Instagram and Facebook, as well as phone calls, can send notifications to you.

To be fair, BlackBerry's notification of this feature offered a distinct advantage over other smartphones at the time in that there was no incoming notification LED. And even if you do, you may have to pay a lot of money to buy a smartphone.

Smartphone manufacturers have responded to this by offering notifications at a lower cost than their high-end models which use an LED light as a notification indicator.

Namun, bagi kamu yang saat ini menggunakan smartphone Android yang tidak dilengkapi dengan LED notifikasi, jangan khawatir, karena di bawah ini kami akan menjelaskan aplikasi lampu LED depan Android apa saja yang dapat diunduh secara gratis di Google Play Store.

Front LED Notification Application List

Below we have prepared a front LED notification application for Android which you can download for free on the Playstore, namely:

1. Flash Notifications

Flash Notification is the first app we'll be going through. This application can be claimed as one of the best notification LED applications on the PlayStore because it has been downloaded by more than 83,000 Android users.

You will have access to many useful features by installing this app, including the ability to receive notifications from your favorite social networking platforms and your smartphone's default apps.

When you receive a WhatsApp message, Flash Notification will send a notification via an LED flash which will then be accompanied by a sound or ringtone if you are using the "Outdoor" or "Outdoor" mode at that time.

Using Flash Notifications, you can also control the blink rate of your Flash LED, which is an added convenience.

2. LightManager

The Android front LED light app, Light Manager, might also be one of the best apps to download. As the name implies, this application will bring convenience to those of you who have Android phones that are not equipped with notification LEDs.

By installing Light Manager, you may get notifications from your friends or loved ones with an LED light display that you can change the color to as you wish.

Light Manager includes three operating modes: standard, screen and alternative, each with its own set of features.

If you keep your phone in regular mode, you will only see one flashing notification even if you have a lot of incoming texts or notifications.

And if you use a different model, you will often get flashes, according to the number of messages or notifications that reach your smartphone.

Meanwhile, if you use screen mode, every message or other notification that reaches your smartphone will automatically be sent to the screen.

Isn't that an interesting app? If you've been putting it off, here's your chance to get it from the Google PlayStore.

3. Color Flash Light Alerts Call

The next application that might also make your Android smartphone that was originally not equipped with a notification LED so that it can have a notification LED is by downloading Color Flash Light Alerts Call.

This program is one of the top LED applications downloaded by many android users. This program is the creation of a developer called TOPAPP which will make the notifications you receive colorful.

That way, you can determine which notifications come from WhatsApp, Instagram, and which notifications you receive from Facebook.

That way when this light is on, you can immediately know where the message is coming from. Some of the bright colors you might get when you download Color Flash Light Alerts Call include: Red, blue, yellow, white, and green.

4. Light Flow

Still discussing applications that will make it easier for you to get information about phone messages or notifications on an Android smartphone.

Many apps like Light Flow, and it's no wonder why. There is no doubt that Light Flow is an excellent and reliable app for those of you who have a smartphone that is not equipped with a standard LED notification light.

Apart from that, you can also easily change the color of the notification LED so you can choose the color of the LED light that will be used for every notification you receive on your smartphone.

The feature that makes this program different from the others is that you will also find it easy to set the sound or vibration that will be created from the texts or calls that you receive.

For those times when you prefer not to be disturbed by notifications, Light Flow has an advanced function called Bedtime. Now is the time to act. Please download Light Flow on Google PlayStore for free.

5. Flash Notifications 2

Apart from notifying you when you receive a notification, this app allows you to choose the color of the LED light used to alert you.

For example, when you get a message from Line, the notification LED will turn green. Messages from WhatsApp can be received via red LED or other notification ways.


That's the article about front LED notification apps for Android, we have suggested 5 front LED notification apps for you to download on your Android phone.

Hopefully the above article can be useful and help you, good luck.

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