Applications that can open blocked sites – With regulations, you don't need to worry about applications that can open sites that are blocked by the government, yes of course there is a reason.

However, there are loopholes that we can do in dealing with this problem, in fact there are several Android applications that we can use to open blocked sites.

After we investigated, the one that blocked certain sites was called Positive Internet or you could say Healthy Internet. That way the internet system will automatically block websites that contain negative content.

Fortunately, there are solutions available, including a number application Android to unblock blocked websites.

List of applications that can open the site

Below you can choose the application you want, including:

1. Unlimited Free VPN – betternet

The first application that we will offer to access blocked sites is Unlimited Free VPN, which we can use for free and of course can secure your identity so that it can appear anonymously. Its use is also quite easy and without any constraints provided.

2. Hotspot Shield VPN & Proxy

The second is called Hospot Shield, where this application has been popular for a long time and is the most downloaded VPN application on the Google Play Store.

As a result, a large number of people use these applications to gain access to previously blocked websites.

3. Hideman VPN

Although this application is not as good as the other two, we can still use it for free up to 5 hours every week.

Behind these shortcomings, Hideman VPN, according to information, is considered more robust in encrypting incoming and outgoing data. Using 256-bit encryption, your internet activities are guaranteed to be safe.

4. FinchVPN

This application capability can take advantage of Open VPN configurations, and has the capacity to connect using TCP/UDP ports.

While the negative side we can only use it for free of 3GB per month.

5. SurfEasy VPN for Android

SurfEasy VPN has the benefit of being able to use it robustly over a WiFi connection and camouflage your every internet activity.

Then this application can also stop trackers from advertising which is usually done by many advertising providers on the internet. The SurfEasy VPN app has a bandwidth limit of 500MB per month, which is a significant drawback.

6. Psiphon

This next application is also one of the most challenging applications that you are ready to use.

When it comes to bypassing blocked websites, Psiphon is renowned for its ease of use and power. Psiphon's benefits of being free and fast make it easy to try.

7. Hola Free VPN

The last one is Hola Free VPN, if you use this application you will be offered the convenience of changing the IP for the selected country and another benefit is a fast VPN connection.


Maybe so many articles that we can convey about applications that can open blocked sites. If you are a responsible internet user, you will definitely take advantage of this shortcut for positive things so that it is useful.

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