How to Open Locked Applications Quickly – How to open apps that are locked with security passwords such as pattern or pin. If you want to know how, please use the tips below.

To protect their own data and privacy, people often lock apps that they consider important, such as BBM, Messenger, Line, and WhatsApp, to prevent unauthorized apps from accessing their security. In many circumstances, individuals often forget the passwords they used.

How to Open Pattern or PIN Locked Apps

Below there are 3 ways to open application Locked ones that you can try quickly include the following:

1. Clear App Lock Data

If you forgot your “Pattern” or “PIN” password, you can use this approach to regain access. See the following list of hints and techniques to learn more.

If you want to open an application that has been locked, this is the fastest and most reliable way.

  1. Please open the menu "Settings> Application Manager"
  2. Then how to lock the application that you use, for example "CM Security"
  3. In the App Info display, please tap the "Force Stop" option
  4. The last step, please open the locked application for example "Whatsapp"

2. Disable Administrator Access

If the previous approach doesn't work, please try the following method to unlock smartphone apps which are locked with “Pattern” or “PIN” password.

Here's how to launch a smartphone app locked with a security password

  1. First open the “Settings > Security” menu then tap the “Device Administrators” option
  2. Then look for the name of the locking application that you are using, for example "CM Security".
  3. Then tap the "CM Security Uncheck" option or don't check it, then disable it
  4. After that repeat the "First Method" (read how to delete the lock application data above)

3. Breaking the HP Settings Menu

If you've tried the first two techniques and they didn't work, here's the third option. Every smartphone manufacturer, including “Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi,” can use this strategy.

The fastest way to get the password of an Android application that has been locked with a pattern or pin code

  1. Please first download the “All in One Toolbox” application in the PlayStore
  2. Then open and run the application then tap the "Toolbox Button" option
  3. Then tap the "Batch Uninstall" option, to remove the locking application
  4. After that, remove the existing lock application, use for example "CM Security".
  5. Just check the application then tap the “Uninstall Selected” option
  6. The final step is to open a locked application, for example "Whatsapp"


Thus the article on how to quickly open a locked application, in the article above there are 3 ways to open a Pattern or Pin locked application that you can try yourself.

Of the 3 ways above, you can try it alternately if you do one of the methods above and it doesn't work.

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