10 Best Free Online Data Storage Application Recommendations

Rancakmedia.com – Currently, many smartphone users download online and data storage applications offline data storage application. There are online data stores that must always be connected to the internet when using them, there are also offline data stores that can still be used even if they are not connected to the internet.

For android users, surely they want to save or back up their important data. Large amounts of data can be safely stored on hard drives and other storage devices.

Besides having a large external storage, modern smartphones also have a lot of internal storage. Users can automatically save additional data.

But the problem is, if we store a lot of data continuously on a smartphone, it will indirectly drain the smartphone's data storage capacity.

List of Online Data Storage Applications

Well, this time we will recommend a solution for Android users who have small internal memory. Namely by saving your personal data to a secure data storage facility.

Here are 10 recommendations data storage application the best online for Android that you can use for free. Look at this!

List of Online Data Storage Applications

Below are a few application online data storage and download links for those of you who want to download them, as follows:

1. Google Drive

Application NameGoogle Drive
VersionVaries by device
Need Android versionVaries by device
Released date27 Apr 2011
Updated on6 Mar 2023
DevelopersGoogle LLC

This is the main Google Drive application that functions as a data storage medium. The application made by Google is an online data storage medium that is quite often used by Android users around the world.

you can protect important files into Google Drive. Usually users secure file types such as images, movies, documents, and so on.

Moreover, you can make your uploaded files visible to others by inviting them. It has been downloaded more than 5 million times and makes Google Drive the top data storage media.

2. Dropbox

Application NameDropbox: Photos & Documents Drive
Need Android version7.0 and up
Released dateMay 4, 2010
Updated on28 Feb 2023
DevelopersDropbox, Inc.
DownloadsClick here

Dropbox, another well-known data storage application, is second only to Google Drive in terms of popularity.

Surely many already know the term for individuals who prefer to download or upload files on the internet. If you need a location to store or back up your files, look no further than Dropbox. You can easily save files or documents.

Documents, images, audio, and video files, among others, can be uploaded. With the advancements made by the Dropbox.inc team, you can use it on PC and mobile.

3. OneDrive

Application NameMicrosoft OneDrive
Need Android version6.0 and up
Released date28 Aug 2012
Updated on24 Feb 2023
DevelopersMicrosoft Corporation

OneDrive is a free online data storage space built by major developers, especially Microsoft Corporation.


All your personal files may be stored in OneDrive cloud storage. Users also only need to access it via a computer (PC or Mac) and an Android smartphone.

With the availability of PIN security when using this application on Android, users don't need to worry about the data that has been stored.

4. My Cloud

My Cloud is a solution for those of you who need more storage. Because the application can save and restore data.

You can do Auto Backup to My Cloud with the help of this application. In addition, users can easily back up data via alerts that instantly alert them when they visit MyCloud.

5. ES File Explorer File Manager

In addition to its role as a file manager, ES File Explorer File Manager also features cloud storage.

Not only that, this application also has another very crucial task for Android, namely the Task Killer which can kill running applications. Zip files can be created and opened using this program.

You can also link directly with Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon and more. An application with various features that are relevant to your needs, no doubt.

6. Amazon Drive

Various types of personal files can be stored in Amazon Drive, including media files. That way, users will feel safe in protecting their vital files, no need to worry about them being lost or damaged.

The saved file type will be used to classify previously saved files.

So that users will find it easier to find the files they need by using the search menu based on file categories.

7. Degoo: 100GB

Although not as popular as other storage media, Degoo is a very versatile online data storage application that can store up to 100 GB of data.

There is a $2.99/month storage upgrade available if you are not satisfied with the included 100 GB of storage. This will immediately change your account to premium.

Degoo 100gb

8. G Cloud Backup

With a high enough storage allowance and the G Cloud Backup application, you can back up important data on your Android for free. The Genie9 LTD app, for some reason, has a very nice user interface.

Where user can check file type and data storage space effectively. Many forms of data and files can be backed up, including emails, sms, documents and movies.


For those of you who are looking for a data storage application with a large storage quota, then you can rely on this application developed by Mega Ltd. No kidding, it provides a storage capacity of 50 GB for free.

In addition, MEGA also offers security and privacy for its customers by using a password or master key when accessing data.

10. Boxes

Not much different from other similar data storage systems, where Box also has the purpose and role of storing or protecting various kinds of files and data online.

Even though it only has a storage capacity of 10 GB, this application contains features that are easy to use. Where users can save, share and view directly with full screen.

Supports more than 200 file types, including PDF, Word, Excel, AI, PSD, and many others.


That's the article about downloading free online data storage applications, you now have a reference for 10 free data storage applications that you can use on your Android phone.

After reading the article above, which application would you like to download and use? No need to worry, you can download and use the free online data storage application above anywhere and anytime.

Thus the article about downloading a free online data storage application, I hope the article above can be useful and help you save data, good luck.

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