Offline MP3 Murottal Al-Qur'an application – As the world of technology develops, it is no longer a stranger to the MP3 Murottal Al-Qur'an application which can be read and listened to in digital form.

The Qur'an functions as a guide because it sets ideals that become the legal basis governing human behavior and behavior, especially among Muslims. With the Al-Qur'an in the form of an application, the Al-Qur'an can be read and practiced while holding a smartphone.

There are various Al Quran applications in the playstore, but some applications certainly come with different characteristics. Sometimes we can meet because of the uniqueness of the Indonesian language, as well as other factors such as Latin, Indonesian, and others.

With various features of the Al-Qur'an application, it will make us more enthusiastic about using it. But keep in mind that reading the Qur'an on a smartphone must also be in prime condition and should not be confused with other applications.

List of MP3 Applications Murottal Al-Qur'an

This time, we will give you advice on which Offline Quran Application is the best of the best. This time around, a feature-rich app with a broad user base is the go-to suggestion.

1. Indonesian Koran

As the name implies, this Al-Qur'an application has an Indonesian translation feature which is equipped with complete MP3 Murottal and can be read offline.

This Al-Qur'an application also has a beautiful design so that it makes you more comfortable reading the Al-Qur'an with this application.

While reading the Quran, you can choose between landscape and portrait screen mode, which is a unique app.

Colored Tajwid, Last reading marker and many other interesting features that you might find in this application. Apart from that, you can choose between a light and dark theme according to your preference.

2. Qur'an for Android

Android users can download the free Quran app created by the developer at, and this app has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

In this application there are several interesting features that you can take advantage of, such as gapless audio playback, adjustable audio loops.

This app includes more than 15 different audio recitations, in addition to several other useful features.

In addition, this Al-Qur'an application is also equipped with translations or interpretations consisting of 20 different languages so that many people in the world can easily understand this Al-Qur'an application.

This Al-Qur'an application is also equipped with graphics that match madani crystals which make this application even more fun to use.

3. MyQuran Al Quran and Translation

More than 10 million people have downloaded the Al-Qur'an application made by students from Cimahi, West Java, who were recognized by the Vice President of Indonesia for their application.

This application contains several menus that you can use, such as Knowing Prayer Schedules, Live Mecca, Morning & Evening Dhikr, Islamic Content and many more menus that you can use according to your wishes.

Not only that, this application is also equipped with an alarm that is connected to the 5 time obligatory prayer schedule so that you can pray on time.

You can improve your fluency in reading the Qur'an by using the enhanced audio color reading and makhraj application from this program.

4. Vmuslim

This Al-Qur'an application was published in October 2019 and improved in January 2021 by presenting various interesting features featured in it.

This application contains the Al-Qur'an packed with translations and audio that you can read offline so you can save your internet capacity.

You will find many useful features and advantages by using this app, including the following: Find Qibla direction correctly, Hijri Calendar, 99 Asmaul Husna. This app has many capabilities, including electronic adhan.

There is also information about nearby mosques and halal eateries, so you don't have to worry about finding mosques or halal food while traveling.

5. Full Quran MP3

This application developed by AppSourceHub offers a free Al-Qur'an with audio translation, recitations, and multi-language translations in the form of Full Quran MP3.

With audio translations of more than 40 languages in the world and MP3 readings of the Qur'an read by more than 40 Qaris, so that all people in the world can understand the meaning contained in every verse of the Qur'an through this one application.

This application is also equipped with Tajweed so that you can understand and read the verses of the Al-Qur'an correctly and correctly.

As an added bonus, you can save your favorite Qaris recitations and translations in a playlist, and set daily alerts so you are reminded to listen to the Quran at the right time.


There are lots of the best Al-Quran applications that you can choose to use on your Android or IOS cellphone.

One of them is the 10 recommendations in the article above which of course have many advantages over similar applications.

It should be remembered that using a digital Koran application also requires a lot of attention, such as using it correctly and in a holy place.

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