How to Uninstall Default Android Applications Without Root – Frequently asked how to uninstall default Android applications without Root? tap Did you know the Bloatware application is an HP default application that is installed from the manufacturer, but this is not an official name at all.

In fact, many believe that this is a useless stock Android application. Unfortunately, this application cannot be deleted just like that, so an application is needed to remove the default cellphone application.

We recommend not using app uninstallers that require root access as they can potentially harm your phone.

As a result, we will cover two commonly used uninstaller apps for smartphones that do not require root access, as well as a third uninstaller app that requires root access.

The first Android app removal app is worth a try. If you are not satisfied, then you try the following Android uninstall apps.

List of Ways to Uninstall Default Applications

Below there are 2 types of applications that you can use to uninstall your default Android application, as follows:

As said before, we want to give you two uninstaller apps which do not require root access and one apk uninstaller which requires root access.

But before using the application to uninstall the default cellphone application, there are vital things that you must understand.

Using the phone's default uninstaller app implies that you will be modifying an existing system since its creation.

So there is a possibility of an error on the HP. Even if Android's built-in apps are removed, you won't lose your system if you use apps to do it.

1. CCleaner App without Root

The best uninstaller without root application is probably this one by default. Even though this application can operate without the need to root on Android but it is able to work according to plan. Compared to the other apps of this app, this one is modest in size, so it won't be a hassle to use. Before you use an application to remove other default cellphone applications, you must use this first because it is sufficient.

This application is useful for cleaning Android as well as uninstalling applications by default without the need for root applications. So you can remove junk, free up RAM and internal memory, and remove system default apps all with the help of a single app. To make CCleaner your system's default uninstaller, simply follow the procedure listed below.

How to use the CCleaner application

Download the CCleaner app for Android by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

To remove the default Android application, just search for this application in the Android Market. Just enter CCleaner in the search box.

  1. Open the app and agree to the privacy policy
  2. Click the three parallel lines in the top left corner
  3. Click application manager and wait for the analysis process
  4. Then click the 'SYSTEM' tab
  5. Select the application to delete
  6. Click the three white dots in the lower right corner (not the top)
  7. After selecting what will be deleted by the default application removal application without root, click on the three white dots in the blue circle below right
  8. Click remove from device

You will be asked for confirmation. We are not responsible if there is a problem with your cellphone, because the risk is like that.

As you can see, the default Android app remover, CCleaner, can be used without root. You can download the app uninstaller fast and only 15MB.

It is very important that you remove them properly using this application. Don't let everything you uninstall, because the goal is to free up internal memory, instead it makes it very empty and unusable.

2. Use Developer Options and ADB Binary files

Well, this one is not actually an option to download the default apk uninstaller apk. However, the official functions of every smartphone can be used.

The possibility of becoming a smartphone manufacturer is known as “developer choice” or “developer choice”.

This function allows you to play around with your smartphone. As a result, there is no need to download the phone's default app uninstaller from the Google Play Store.

All you need is a laptop, data cable, smartphone and a little internet connection. Since it doesn't require root access, using this function is almost the same as using the built-in app uninstaller.

That said, this system app uninstaller is a little tricky. The ADB binary file is the one you download afterwards, not the application's default delete file.

Once USB Debugging is enabled on the phone, you can start the installation procedure. we will explain comprehensive and explicit instructions on other pages as they are rather extensive.

We believe, instead of needing to root the smartphone, it's better to just use this option.


Thus the article on how to uninstall stock Android applications without Root, after reading the article above, we have recommended using the CCleaner application and Developer Options.

Of the two methods above, which way do you want to use? The two methods have different advantages and disadvantages, we hope you can use them according to your needs.

Hopefully this article on how to uninstall stock Android applications without Root can be useful and useful for all of you.

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