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Rancakmedia.com – Many people like to edit their photos by putting text on the photo, here is a list of applications for writing on photos on Android that you can use to make your photos more aesthetic and attractive.

Those of you who often surf social media, most likely you often see other people or your own friends publishing photos accompanied by interesting writing or words.

These phrases can easily be added to your photos, which is great news for those of you looking to do the same. Yes, you can only depend on application developed by imaginative programmers if you want to modify your work.

This application is widely accessible on Google Play Store. Only a few apps have decent performance and features, and that's the case so far.

Now to help you, YaTekno is here to introduce you to his 10 best Android application choices. Anything?

The best writing application for photos on Android

Below are some applications that you can use write on photos on Android, as follows:

1. Phonto – Text on Photos

Phonto comes with a simple yet fully featured interface that allows you to create attractive typography on your photos.

In the app to start changing text, just press the pencil symbol next to the insert picture button in the upper right corner of the screen.

After that, you may be creative; change the location of the text, make adjustments by changing the font type, size, color, spacing, shadow, stroke, and so on.

You can choose from more than 200 different typefaces in this Android app. Not only that, if you don't find the font you are looking for, you can install a different font using the available features.

2. PicLab – Photo Editor

PicLab, unlike Phonto, is an image editing application. However, PicLab also has a typography tool that allows users to add captions or captions to photos.

The app offers a variety of attractive typography options which can be customized using built-in features. The Sticker function allows you to download tons of typography stickers and add them to your photos.

However, some of the fonts provided by PicLab are limited so you have to make a purchase if you want to use them. The typography sticker function, which is only partially free, also has the same effect.

3. Textgram – Write on Photo

Textgram is a solid next level option for anyone looking for a text editing app. Managed by a well-known developer named Codeadore, Textgram is here to provide complete features that can help users desire to create beautiful typography.

Besides being able to be creative in adding text to your own photos, this application also provides a variety of interesting backdrop photos that can be used as your medium for building typography.

Along with text editing features, the app offers a variety of image features, including features such as blurring or inverting the background color of a photo.

4. PixelLab – Text on Picture

If you are looking for an android app that offers more than just providing text editing, then PixelLab is worth a try.

PixelLab allows you to change or remove the background of your photos, create memes and even sketch.

The function for generating text is not inferior to the three applications mentioned earlier; You can create 3D text with more than 100 font options, emboss effects, add stickers and much more. What a success!

5. Font Studio- Photo Texts Image

Font Studio is a text editing application that is comparable to Fonto and Textgram. With its features, you can apply typography to your photos to create stunning images.

This android application provides more than 100 possible typography that can be created. Not only that, you can also offer a little touch of image editing by changing the saturation, contrast, blur effects, and more.

There is also a frame option as a support to make your photos more attractive with additional decorations. Once you are satisfied with your work, you can also use sharing tools to post it on social media more easily.

6. Text On Pictures – Photo Write

Is it important for you to have an application to the extensive library of fonts when modifying your photos? Text On Software Image This button, if available, can be used.

In addition to displaying a variety of interesting typography, this application also provides many stickers with greetings such as (happy birthday, love, sorry, etc.) ready to be attached to photos.

Not only that, there is also a choice of frames as a location for writing content. This way, not only the words on your image are written, but also the decoration that enhances it.

7. Text Over Photo

Unlike other similar applications in general, Text Over Photo not only allows users to put text on top of their own photos, but also provides a variety of ready-to-use photos.

There are a wide variety of photos available, including nature backgrounds, birthdays, weddings, love, and family photos, as well as celebrity photos.

Apart from that, you can add emojis and create picture collages apart from customizing text on your pictures here.

8. PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage

Maybe you already know that PicsArt itself is basically an image editing application. Yes that's correct. However, PicsArt is not like other similar applications, because the features it contains are very complete.

Here you can adjust your image according to your preferences to make it even better. You can apply various filters to photos, create collages, apply stickers, and even add text to pictures using various typography and effects.

9. Photo Editor by Aviary

If PicsArt doesn't work for you, another app is Photo Editor by Aviary, which has built-in text adding features and utilities to modify photos.

Even though it's not as popular as PicsArt, don't get me wrong, the features it provides are no less amazing.

You'll find some interesting features that help improve the quality of your photos, especially cosmetic tools (cure red eyes, remove imperfections, and whiten teeth), create memes, and many other popular features.

10. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

You need an image editing application if you use a smartphone right? Why don't you all choose a photo editing application that has the function of adding text to photos so you no longer need to install additional applications.

Pixlr, for example, is an image editor that has this capability. This application made by Autodesk offers lots of complete features so that it can help your needs in producing amazing photos.

You can easily add text or words to photos here with a wide variety of fonts and effects, in addition to the typical features of other comparable applications.


So, those are 10 applications for writing on photos on Android that you can use to edit the writing on your photos to make them more aesthetic and attractive. You can also get other articles about app delete writing on photos, in the article.

This is an article about writing applications for photos on Android that you can use, the applications we mentioned above have different advantages and disadvantages, please use the application above according to your needs.

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