Writing Application on Photos on iPhone

Rancakmedia.com – As we know, writing applications on photos on the iPhone are as good as editing applications for Android. Creating photos is now much simpler, and you have access to a wider range of tools and writing styles.

Photos are a common tool for preserving precious memories. Is not that true? When you visit a new area, you should take some photos to keep as a memento.

Moreover, the place tour, even many people go on vacation just to capture backdrop photos or ngvlogs. Usually, after taking lots of photos, the best ones are selected and reworked to give even better results.

Adding text or captions to photos is one approach to increase their aesthetic appeal. Whether as a watermark, name or otherwise.

Sebenarnya kamu dapat menambahkan frasa ke foto tanpa menginstal aplikasi apa pun, namun sebagian besar aplikasi default memberikan fungsionalitas yang tidak memadai.

Well, this time we have a tip for a text editing app for iPhone that is really good and has a variety of trendy font styles.

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Writing editing app for iPhone

Below are text editing applications on the iPhone, including:

1. Typorama: Text on Photo Editor

First there is the typorama app, which is a popular photo text converter app for the iPhone. More than 50 unique typography text styles are available in this app. You can choose and mix different types of fonts and typography.

In addition there are other emblems such as badges, ribbons, curved letters, and other aesthetic decorations. There is also a 3D distortion function with gradient colors and text shadows, and many more features.

2. Phonos

The highly regarded Phonto is the next app on the list. iPhone and Android users alike are loving this hot new piece of software.

Here you can choose from more than 400 fonts and you can also add more by installing various types of fonts from the internet.

Text size, color, shadow and background are all customizable. You can also design curved text, add perspective objects, and more.

3. Font Candy Text Photo Editor

Next up is Font Candy which is also amazing. More than 45 beautiful typefaces are included, and you can customize them by modifying the text curve, transparency, and shadow, among others.

You can also add some captions and symbols. Change Color and filter and perfect for you to use for photo watermark. There are also various types of typography.

4. Textgram

Textgram is a popular iPhone app for changing text. Stylish and creative font models can be found in a great many.

This app also offers a basic and easy-to-use interface. You can start by uploading a photo and writing a text.

Then you just have to choose a fashionable model or writing style. Moreover, the design model of this application is attractive and creative.

5. Adobe Spark Post for Graphics

The third option is the Adobe Spark software application. You can choose from a wide variety of beautiful fonts in this app, which makes it easy to develop your own writing style.

The interface of the app is simple and offers minimalistic features that help. You can start with a blank sheet and write everything down and choose a trendy writing style.

6. Text2Pic – Text On Photos

Text2pic is the next program in its line, and offers a comprehensive set of options.

Here you can choose from 48 different text styles, Layer Mode to adjust text color, settings, and more.

Cool text styles in 3D distortion, Gold Foil colors, watercolor and gradient text effects are all available. There are also thousands of free stock images from Pixabay and professional photo filters.

7. DesignLab Graphic Design Maker

Here you can find hundreds of fantastic themes for text editing. You can also choose unique and creative font choices.

Resizing, location, opacity, rotation, kerning, and color are all design options. More than just 3D reshaping here. You can add hundreds of beautiful illustrations, decorative ornaments, and design elements.


Thus the article about writing applications on photos on the iPhone, from the applications mentioned above, which application do you want to try?

The applications above have different advantages and disadvantages, use the application above according to your needs.

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