Application Delete Writing on Recent Photos – Are you looking for an application to erase text on photos? The appearance of writing or watermarks will certainly interfere with the photo of your choice. Simplify with a touch this android app that allows you to remove them easily.

Tulisan akan terhapus tanpa mempengaruhi latar belakang gambar jika kamu hanya menginstal aplikasi dan kemudian menyentuh item tulisan. Sehingga terlihat lebih natural.

It didn't take long, here is a photo eraser application that you must try and prove to be effective.

Recommended Photo Eraser App

The following applications will make it very easy for you to remove text from photos. Install it yourself and see if it works.

Remove Unwanted Objects

Removing text from photos has never been easier compared to Remove Unwanted Objects, the program to remove text that is visible in the first photo.

You can download it for free on the Google Play Store, this application has also been downloaded by up to 10 million people and has very good ratings.

Unwanted Object Remover

An app called Unwanted Object Remover contains a feature to remove different items including text.

you can remove them quickly by pressing the item you want to delete, you can download Unwanted Object Remover for free on Google Play Store.

Retouch Remove Objects Editor

Retouch Remove Objects Editor is a sub-application of VideoShow, this application allows you to remove any object in a photo including text.

The Retouch Remove Objects Editor application has been downloaded 1 million and has a very good rating, simple use is the advantage of this one application.

Photo Retouch

The next photo eraser application is Photo Retouch, which is an application that allows you to remove various objects and text.

Through this one application, you can easily remove watermarks, even unwanted text by simply touching it.


PicsArt is an editing application for Android and iPhone phones which is considered to have many free editing tools. This photo editing application for deleting writing may be familiar to the millennial generation, especially those who often make aesthetic effects.

With the PicsArt application, we can easily delete writing on Android & iPhone photos. In addition to a light appearance, of course this application provides quite complete features. For this reason, PicsArt is one of the recommendations for photo editing applications that remove writing.

As for how to delete writing on photos with picsart, you can follow the complete guide below:

  1. Please download and install the Picsart application first in the Playstore or Appstore or you can via the link here
  2. Open the picsart application
  3. Click the (+) sign then select the photo that we will delete the writing in it
  4. Select the Tools menu then click Clone
  5. Please clean the writing that will be removed as neatly as possible
  6. If so, please click the checkmark
  7. Save photo to gallery
  8. Finished

With the steps above, we have succeeded in easily removing writing on photos using the PicsArt application.


That's what we can say about the application to remove writing on the latest photos, now we are no longer confused when looking for an application to remove writing on photos.

Use one of the applications above, if necessary, you can use the application above to find out which application is suitable, easier, simpler and more comfortable to use. Hopefully the above article can be useful, good luck.

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