How to Download Apps for Windows 10 for Beginners – If you don't know how to download apps for Windows 10, it's not a big problem. Installing new apps and games is something that is quite common among PC and mobile users.

Applications can be installed on laptops in various methods. In the case of smartphones, you usually download apps from official stores like the Google Play Store for Android devices, and the App Store for Apple devices.

While you can download apps from other sources, it is not recommended as they may pose a security risk. Additional applications can be obtained in various ways on laptops or PCs.

Today I will explain some of the most practical ways to download applications on your Windows 10 laptop that you might do.

So, let's start with the many methods of downloading and installing apps on Windows 10 laptop.

How to Download Apps on Windows 10 at the Microsoft Store

Since the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft started introducing new tools for how to install apps on laptops. We all download apps from the Google Play Store and the App Store, so why not the Microsoft Store?

Windows Store, formerly known as Windows Marketplace, debuted with Windows 8 and eventually underwent a name change to Microsoft Store.

Not very good because the variety of applications is relatively limited. However, there are several useful apps in Windows 10, ranging from productivity and utility apps to games.

The Microsoft Store is a simple method for developers to market their apps so that Windows users can download them with just one click.

While regular Windows 10 users can download apps from the internet and Microsoft Store to get the best.

The transition from desktop apps to Microsoft Store apps is easy for developers, even though the Microsoft Store is still in its infancy.

So, here are several ways to download applications on Windows 10 laptops through the Microsoft Store.

  1. Open the Windows 10 search box
  2. Type in Microsoft Store
  3. Click the icon when it appears
  4. Use Search on the Microsoft Store app to find the App you want
  5. Install it on your PC or laptop
  6. When the program appears, click the Get button and then Install
  7. All you have to do is wait for the download to finish, after finishing the application is already on your Windows 10 desktop

How to Download Applications on a Windows 10 Laptop on the Official Website

Before Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 launched with the Microsoft Store, the means to download apps were relatively limited.

We only have the option of downloading the program or installing it via the internet, getting it from friends and family members, or installing it via a USB storage.

How to download applications on a Windows 10 laptop can also be done by visiting the application's official website, or visiting the developer's website.

Despite the fact that it seems simple, there are many dangers associated with this practice. Depending on your preference, you can download the installation in EXE or MSI format.

You can even find many websites like Filehippo, Sourceforge, Softpedia, and many more. On some of these sites, you can find software from a variety of different manufacturers.

But there are more places online if you download apps from other sites they often include additional files.

In most situations, these files are crapware and end up making your laptop slower, or exposing it to a lot of harm.

Most of the people who are computer ignorant, fail to understand the difference between downloading the same application from the official developer website and from another third party website.

Even today, downloading applications from the internet from different websites is a frequent practice because there are many programs, including some very popular ones that only need to be downloaded from the internet.

How to download apps on your Windows 10 laptop or from the internet manually is one of the simplest approaches.

This approach is still one of the most common methods of downloading apps from the internet, and will never go out of style until your laptop is completely useless.

How to Download Apps on Windows 10 with Application Master

Apart from using the way to download applications on a laptop that we discussed earlier, you can also install applications on Windows 10 using the Application Master.

This procedure can be done offline, all you need is the required Master application. To get the master application, inquire among your own network. Then you make a duplicate of the master USB and try to install it on your laptop.

Ask a local computer repairman for help if you're not sure what you're doing. Most of their app masters are available, so they probably have what you're looking for.


Thus the article on how to download Windows 10 applications for beginners, in the article above there are three ways you can try, which method do you think is easier?

Hopefully this article can add insight, and can be useful for all of you.

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