Application to Convert PDF to Excel Quickly – If you want to convert PCF to Excel you need a third party. For that we need the Convert PDF to Excel application to make work easier.

Maybe you often change Word files to PDF or PDF to Word. But suddenly you need the PDF file converted to Excel because it contains data entry. With Excel you can make changes and make data easier.

Where are you trying to find application? Here are some of the best apps which you can use to accomplish this task.

List of Applications Convert PDF to Excel Quickly

Below is an application that converts PDF to Excel quickly that you can try, the applications for converting PDF below have different capabilities and disadvantages, including:

1. Adobe Acrobat DC

Talking about the application to convert PDF to Excel, surely you won't forget Adobe. Since Adobe was the first to create the PDF software format, Adobe Acrobat should command the largest market share.

This program is undoubtedly packed with capabilities, which include the ability to convert PDF files to XLSX files for use in Excel spreadsheets.

The procedure should be quick and pain-free, with data saved without reformatting. It's as easy as opening the PDF file you want to export, selecting the Export PDF tool, then exporting to Excel Workbook or .xlsx format as desired.

Regardless of the device you use, you can do it. Once done, you can make changes to the Excel table on any device.

This can also apply to scanned OCR data, and you can select the data you want to convert, instead of having to export the complete table from .pdf to .xlsx.

It's not just for exporting files; the app also lets you work collaboratively on papers that you can modify, sign, and review. This of course includes any spreadsheets you export from PDF format.


PDF2XL is a third-party PDF to Excel converter. Data, tables and forms can be extracted from multiple pages of information into a single Excel worksheet with this tool, which is one of the best software available.

Even if you are converting hundreds of pages of PDF documents, our excellent PDF to XLSX software can quickly convert all of them to spreadsheets. As a bonus, the data in the Excel file has been converted exactly like the original.

Many reputed companies use the Cogniview PDF to spreadsheet conversion application as it is one of their Silver Certified Partners. This application to convert PDF to XLS has three different versions available.

The basic version includes the core tools to convert PDF to CSV for $ 199, while the OCR version has extra capabilities to convert scanned and image-based PDFs to spreadsheets.

It is possible to send any document to PDF2XL for processing using the virtual printer included in the Enterprise Edition, which is the most expensive version of the software.

If you are interested in giving it a try, PDF2XL provides a 15-day free trial for Windows users.

3. Nitro Productivity Suite

It's easy to convert PDF files to Excel using Nitro Productivity Suite, a feature-rich application.

Nitro does claim that their technology can convert a PDF into any Microsoft Office file in seconds.

You can modify all photos, text and pages stored in PDF documents and transfer them to Excel spreadsheets with this application.

Like Adobe, this application also allows you to add and request digital signatures on PDF documents.

Businesses with less than ten workers can be started with one Nitro Pro license. For a higher number of users, you need to contact the sales department.

4. PDF TalkHelper

No matter how big or complex files you have, you can trust our PDF to Excel conversion app. No other conversion software can match this one combination of speed, price and efficiency.

Frequent users of this program are large companies who have placed their trust in managing all their conversion demands in this powerful software.

The software connects to the cloud storage via the URL that appears after you launch the PDF TalkHelper application.

The cloud storage accounts it supports include Google Drive, Drop Box, and Google box and notes which help you save cloud app work.

PDF TalkHelper has a smooth design that is very easy to use and quick adaptation because unlike most other conversion applications, the interface is more sophisticated. Anyone can use the UI of this app because it is very user-friendly.

Users can edit as well as convert files so that they can fulfill their demands with the help of this conversion tool.

5. PDFZilla

The PDF to Excel conversion application can be used by companies with a worldwide reach as it supports more than 20 languages, including German, French, Italian and Spanish.

PDFs can be converted in just three clicks using PDFZilla's lightning speed and user-friendly interface. You can convert PDF documents into Excel, Word, Rich Text, Plain Text, JPG, GIF, PNG file types on one platform.

Batch conversion is also available to convert multiple documents at one time. The number of documents that can be processed is up to 1,000 files at a time. This software can only be used on Windows.

6. PDFelement

Most PDF to Excel conversion tools offer multiple functions and PDF Element is no exception. This app is especially developed for professional users who need tools to edit, convert, produce and annotate PDF documents.

What's more, PDFelement provides great platform support, accessible on Windows and Mac, with an iOS version as well. This gives you the flexibility to convert and modify documents on the fly.

If you're headed to a meeting, having access to your handouts from your smartphone might be very useful.

PDFelement comes with built-in optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities, which means you can annotate and add a signature to PDF documents.

PDFelement does its best to preserve the integrity of the original as much as possible during the conversion process. In the case of a PDF document with an embedded table, the table will be converted to an Excel spreadsheet.

7. UniPDF PDF To XLSX Converter

PDF to Excel Converter is always looking for software that uploads files quickly, correctly and reliably.

To maintain the quality of the final file during the upload process, the UniPDF application uses smooth transitions. UniPDF is one such application that is protected from third parties who may want to steal your information.

This tool can be used on windows providing additional services like PDF to Word, images, HTML and text conversion.

If you are an early adopter, when you download this app you will be offered a free 3 page conversion which you can later purchase the full version to enjoy additional conversions.


SmallPDF is another fantastic example of a flexible PDF management application. You can use this application to convert PDF files to a variety of other file types, including Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

You can access the PDF conversion via the website from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet, and the application is cloud-based for optimal convenience.

For Windows and Mac users who want to work without an internet connection, there are various programs available for download. Documents can be compressed, combined, split and electronically signed using SmallPDF.

In terms of data security, this program will delete your files one hour after processing, so you don't have to worry about sensitive business information falling into the wrong hands.

9. Weeny PDF to Excel Converter

This PDF to Excel conversion tool is very easy to use. Weeny PDF to Excel Converter is an excellent application for converting PDF to XLS.

The software comes with editing tools that allow you to watermark files. Additionally, you can optionally specify the pages you want to update.

Weeny's PDF conversion tool has the unique ability to convert not only PDF to Excel, but also to other file types including documents, DOCX, and PPT.

Weeny Free Pdf to Excel Converter is a tool to go for if you are a user looking for an easy-to-use and effective software.

10. iSkysoft PDF Editor 6

When it comes to the best PDF to Excel converter for Windows, iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 is a great choice. This tool is not only an ordinary PDF to Excel converter, but also a premium PDF to spreadsheet that provides much more than usual.

Saving a PDF as an Excel spreadsheet using iSkySoft PDF Editor is a simple procedure. You can also select the region from which you want to extract data from fillable and scannable PDF documents.

This application is very useful when you want to convert a selected table or table area to an Excel spreadsheet instead of the full data from the source document.

The iSkysoft PDF to XLS converter costs $89.95 for a single license and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It has built-in OCR technology.


With advances in technology, file conversion problems can be easily resolved. Of the various types of file conversions, changing the PDF to Excel format is not as common as PDF to Word or vice versa. The number of applications that provide this service makes it very easy for users.

If you are confused about looking for an application that can provide PDF to Excel format conversion services, the application to convert PDF to Excel mentioned above might be the solution. Isn't it great that your job has become so much easier?

Thus the article regarding the application to convert pdf to Excel, I hope it can be useful and help all of you.

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