Applications for Opening Blocked Web Cellphones and PCs – In this article there is an application to open blocked websites, besides you can take advantage of how to open blocked sites with applications, you can also open blocked sites by installing additional applications on all devices, be it a smartphone or PC.

Here the use of additional applications to open blocked sites is the most commonly used, because it looks practical and the procedure is easy.

Using third-party applications to regain access to sites that were previously blocked is possible if you pay attention to the information in the following sections.

1. Turbo VPN Application and How to Open Blocked Sites

To open a blocked site, the first application you need to do is use a virtual private network (VPN). Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology itself functions to randomize blocked site IP addresses. For additional information, please follow the procedure below:

  1. The first step is to make sure you download and install the Turbo VPN application using this link
  2. If so, please do the installation and open the application
  3. Tap the I Agree button to continue the process
  4. To determine server options, please click the Globe Icon in the upper right position
  5. Make sure to choose one of the free servers that have been provided
  6. You will automatically be connected to the VPN network for Smartphone devices
  7. If it is already connected, the words Connected and the VPN icon will appear in the notification bar
  8. There you will be able to see and monitor the network speed
  9. Please use it as best you can, because it can be used for all devices

2. TunnelBear VPN Application How to Open Blocked Sites With/Without Applications

The next blocked website unlocking application is Turbo VPN, with one click of a button you can directly connect to the server. To use it, follow these simple steps:

  1. As usual, please install the TunnelBear VPN application with the link below
  2. If you have installed it, just open the application and press the toggle for VPN activation at the top
  3. Then wait for the VPN network to actually connect
  4. If it is already connected, you just open the browser to enjoy internet access
  5. Please try and feel the sensation

3. DNS Application How to Open Blocked Sites

For how to open blocked sites with/without the next application, you use the DNS application. The DNS application is believed to be able to change IP addresses into domain addresses. Please later use DNS to be able to unblock videos on Google Chrome.

DNS. was deliberately made by Cloudflare and APANIC which is trusted to have fast access with a response time of up to 14.8ms. This method also allows you to use a wifi or data network. For more detailed information, the following is an explanation below:

  1. Make sure you first download and install the Cloudflare application using this link https://jalantcom/apps/cloudflare-1111/
  2. If so, please continue to open the application and slide the toggle until it appears
  3. The words Connected and the VPN icon appear in the notification bar
  4. That way you can open all sites that are felt to be blocked by the authorities
  5. good luck

4. Touch VPN Application – Unlimited Free

You can change your location to find a faster network by using the Touch VPN app, which gives you unrestricted access to the internet.

5. Melon VPN application – Unblock Free Wifi

Using this application can also open blocked sites, with a reminder that you will only be given one ad impression. Once done, you will have full access to it.

6. VPN Master App

Using VPN Master, you can open blocked sites with or without an application. It has been downloaded by up to 50 million people worldwide.

More than 6,700 servers spread across 100 countries and regions make up the impressive VPN network speed.

7. VPNhub App – Free VPN

Interestingly, this application can open blocked sites loaded with interesting capabilities such as local servers, IP or location masking, and military-grade encryption. In addition, have access to a secure internet connection for public outreach.

8. The NordVPN app

You can quickly unblock websites using NordVPN, which you can get for free here.

The benefits it provides include a very fast connection thanks to the NordLynx VPN protocol with super tight security and being able to guarantee protection for every user.

9. CyberGhost VPN App

The fourth application, CyberGhost VPN, looks scary and claims to be able to open blocked sites. How can you not believe it has reached 36 million people globally.

The benefits it provides are of course very good, because it can provide fast access to more than 6000 servers spread across 90 countries.


Interesting right? what are you waiting for now you no longer have to worry if the site you are visiting is suddenly blocked by a related party.

There is a collection of sophisticated applications that can open blocked sites with/without applications, you are more free to play the internet as you wish.

But make sure you are wise in using it, so you don't get blocked again.

This is an article about applications for opening blocked websites, I hope it can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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