15 Applications to Change Faces into Cartoons on Android and iOS

Rancakmedia.com – At this time we will recommend an application to change faces into cartoons that are trending on social media. Talking about filters, there are currently many applications editing photo which provides various effects or filters to beautify the photos we take.

Call it the fish eye, sephia, cartoon, to vintage effects which will make our photos look old school but artistic.

Currently many photo applications provide interesting features, one of which is the cartoon feature, we provide an application to change faces into cartoons below that you can try.

List of Applications to Change Faces into Cartoons

Today's Android users can't escape their love of taking pictures. With increasingly sophisticated cameras on Android smartphones, photography activities can now be done wherever and whenever we choose.

In addition, the captured images are often shared on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram and many more. The images we take now can be further enhanced with the use of special filters offered by some of these social media. platforms.

Effect cartoon is one of the most popular photo effects today. With this effect, the person in the photo will turn into a cartoon character and it's very funny. Sometimes there are those who like Japanese cartoons and sometimes there are those who like monsters.

List of Applications to Change Faces into Cartoons

Hmm, more or less other than applications to change faces into cartoons, are there any applications that can create effects like 3D cartoons? To answer the question earlier then this time rancakmedia.com will review various kinds of Android and iOS applications that can be used to change faces into cartoons.

All of these applications are available on the Google Play Store and App Store with their respective features and advantages, including:

1. PicsArt

Application NamePicsart AI Photo Editor, Videos
VersionVaries by device
Need Android versionVaries by device
Download size68MB
Released dateNov. 4, 2011
Updated on8 Feb 2023
DevelopersPicsArt, Inc.
DownloadsClick here


PicsArt – Photo Studio is one of the most popular photo editing applications on the Android operating system. This application provides various options to make your images more attractive such as frames, filters, text, stickers, crop, rotate, and others.

This PicsArt application also has filters that can make you look like cartoon characters, both pencil caricatures or characters in comics.

These cartoon characters can also be made even more interesting with the addition of vintage, lomo, and other effects.

2. Pencil Sketch – Dumpling Sandwich Software Inc

Application NameHD Pencil Sketch
Need Android version7.0 and up
Download sizeVaries by device
Released date9 Jan 2019
Updated on4 Oct 2022
DevelopersDumpling Sandwich Software Inc.
DownloadsClick here

With this application, users will experience what it's like to be an artist. This Pencil Sketch can turn any portrait photo into a work of art as if it were made in pencil. The procedure is also very easy, just select a photo in the gallery or take a new photo using the smartphone camera.

Quickly, the application will convert it into an image. This eliminates your need to learn Photoshop and install it on your computer.

Drawing styles like Doodle, which simulates a cartoon effect, and Comic mode, which creates comic-style drawings, are all options at your disposal.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can experiment with other settings such as increasing the saturation or sharpness of the image.

3. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker (iOS)

App nameClip2Comic & Caricature Maker
Need iOS versionRequires iOS 14.0 or later
Requires iPadOS 14.0 or later
Requires iOS 14.0 or later.
Download size249.6MB
DevelopersMasterpiece Digital GmbH
Download linksClick here

Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker (iOS)

The average iPhone user is an Instagram literate person. Therefore, the App Store also provides the Clip2Comic application which can make any photo more artistic. Yes, you will accentuate your geek side by turning your photo into a superhero comic-style image.

A refreshing change from an everyday photo to a dreamy beauty. Obviously, this can help in increasing customer loyalty for your business. Unfortunately this app is not available for Android.

4. Pixlr

Application NamePixlr – Photo Editor
Need Android version6.0 and up
Download sizeVaries by device
Released date14 Nov 2012
Updated on28 November 2022
DevelopersInmagine Labs | Pixlr
DownloadsClick here

Apart from Picsart, there is a popular application called Pixlr. This is a photo editing application that provides very broad features, one of which is to give your pictures a cartoon look.

With this application, you can quickly make your drawings look like cartoons. Moreover, you can apply additional creative effects to make your pictures more interesting.

The best part is that you can use some of Pixlr's capabilities to quickly edit photos that are too grainy or too dark.

5. ToonCamera (iOS)

App nameToonCamera
Need iOS versionRequires iOS 8.1 or later
Requires iPadOS 8.1 or later
Requires iOS 8.1 or later
Download size53MB
DevelopersCode Organa
Download linksClick here

ToonCamera, from the name alone you might already know what this application is for. Not only can you turn gallery photos into cartoons with various styles, but you can also enjoy cartoon effects directly from the viewfinder display.

In addition to providing sketch styles, there are many more effects such as oil painting, black and white, and even ink effects. This effect can be applied not only to images but also to movies.

ToonCamera has its own charm as this cartoonish look is rarely seen in other footage. However, Android users need to be patient as ToonCamera is only available for iPhone and iPad.

6. Avatoons

Application NameAvatoons: Avatar Creator
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download size58MB
Released date20 Dec 2019
Updated on25 Oct 2022
DownloadsClick here


Creating a cartoon look for your face doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. Using the facial recognition tool in the Avatoon app, you can take a photo of someone's face and quickly turn it into an avatar.

Because they are based on biometrics, the resulting cartoons are very accurate in depicting facial features. You can also decide if you want to create a cartoon featuring the whole body or just the face.

Once the photo is created, the avatar can be added to the landscape or background rendered by the application.

7. Pencil Photo Sketch – Minerva Studios

Application NameSketch Drawing Photo Editor
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download size44MB
Released date25 Oct 2017
Updated onJan. 27, 2023
DevelopersMinerva Studios Private Limited
DownloadsClick here

Your photos will not be turned into cartoon characters with this application. It's understandable that your followers wouldn't suspect that the photo has been altered, given how realistic the pencil-drawn effect is.

So that you don't get bored with the same sketch, users can also apply a crayon color effect.

Using it is so easy and straightforward, just insert a photo from the gallery or camera, choose an effect, and voila! Your "caricature" is ready.

8. Dollify

Application NameDollify
Need Android version4.4W and up
Download size196MB
Released date18 Dec 2018
Updated on24 Oct 2022
DevelopersDave XP
DownloadsClick here

There is also another cartoon photo editing application called Dollify. In this app users can convert their images into cartoon renditions.

But unfortunately this cartoon version only provides one perspective and the artstyle cannot be changed. However, it is interesting to note that the final cartoon is in three dimensions.

And, if you want deep customization with tons of possibilities, Dollify is the app for you. Everything in the cartoon is customizable, including the hair and eye color of the characters, as well as their accessories and clothing.

In fact, birthmarks can also be added, as you may have noticed! Make your cartoon portrait more interesting by adding a background.

9. Sketch Camera – Pixelab

Application NameCamera sketch
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download size19MB
Released date6 Apr 2015
Updated on25 Dec 2022
DownloadsClick here

Sketch Camera - Pixelab

The Pixelab app can turn your camera into a real-time sketch and apply a cartoon look to it.

Start taking pictures of yourself or others after applying the desired filter effect. Besides cartoon effects, Sketch Camera offers many other effects, such as sketch, pencil drawing, oil painting, watercolor and many others.

Using Sketch Camera, you can get a manga style look for your camera. With the right effect application on the camera, you no longer need to bother editing images to make them look like cartoons. You can make photos or movies with cartoon effects with this application.

10.Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon (iOS)

App nameSketch Me!
Need iOS versionRequires iOS 12.0 or later
Requires iPadOS 12.0 or later
Requires iOS 12.0 or later
Download size78.2MB
DevelopersBluebear Technologies Ltd.
Download linksClick here

Sketch Me! is a great addition to the iPhone app store. Be creative and customize your pictures with lots of beautiful cartoon filters.

You can change the brightness or saturation level by simply dragging the sliders. Everything is made so that the desired cartoon photo results can be adjusted to taste, with only a little effort.

However, this application is not free; it costs $ 1.99. However, when you consider how fast it can change images and how easily they can be changed, we have to conclude that this app is worth the money.

11. ArtistA Photo Editor

Application NameArtista: Photo Editing Application
Need Android version5.1 and up
Download size9MB
Released dateNov. 2, 2016
Updated on3 Feb 2023
DevelopersLyrebird Studio
DownloadsClick here

You might be surprised to know that ArtistA can also quickly turn your drawings into cartoons.

However, there are fewer filters here than in some of the other apps on our list, which is a disappointment. You can choose from dozens of filters to get the best cartoon out of your pictures, all of which can be done with just a few taps.

It's also very easy to save your findings to the gallery or share them on any site. According to its creators, this app is completely free to use.

There are lots of ads and watermarks with this app. You also need to pay regularly (subscribe) to take advantage of its features without ads and watermarks.

12. ToonMe

Application NameToonMe - cartoons from photos
VersionVaries by device
Need Android versionVaries by device
Download sizeVaries by device
Released date5 Nov 2020
Updated on1 Feb 2023
DevelopersLinerock Investments LTD
DownloadsClick here


If you want to turn your pictures into cartoons like Disney 3D animation, an app called ToonMe definitely won't disappoint.

This application is available for iOS and Android, can be used to modify images to make them look like Tangled or Frozen characters.

Your pictures can be animated in a variety of classic ways with just a few simple touches. Apart from looking like a Disney figure, you can also build an animated rendition of the Archer character.

13. Photo To Cartoon Yourself Edit (iOS)

App namePhoto To Cartoon Yourself Edit
Need iOS versionRequires iOS 11.0 or later
Requires iPadOS 11.0 or later
Requires iOS 11.0 or later
Download size116MB
Developerspixel force private limited
Download linksClick here

The AI technology of this application is quite sophisticated. You can develop a cartoon version and offer the user options to change the exposure, saturation and contrast.

With such a high image resolution, you don't need to worry about noise disturbance in your photos. With notice, photo input must also be in an acceptable form. Text bubbles can be added to further enhance the cute feel of the image.

14. PicsKit Photo Editor

Application NamePicsKit – Photo Editor & Design
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download sizeVaries by device
Released date12 Apr 2019
Updated on18 Apr 2022
DownloadsClick here

While the other apps on the list include capabilities designed for producing cartoons, PicsKit is a little different.

It is true that PicsKit is an all-in-one photo editing application capable of performing almost any task on your images.

Not only does it provide cartoon filters, you can also do some smart things like blending two photos into one. Changing the background to whatever you like is as easy as deleting the current one and adding another.

15. Cartoon Sketch Camera PRO (iOS)

App nameCartoon Sketch Camera PRO
Need iOS versionRequires iOS 9.0 or later
Requires iPadOS 9.0 or later
Requires iOS 9.0 or later
Download size23.2MB
Download linksClick here

Cartoon Sketch Camera PRO (iOS)

Don't want to register an account? you don't need to worry, because our Cartoon Sketch Camera PRO for iOS allows you to turn any photo into a cartoon in seconds.

Whether you want to turn your photo into a sketch or modern art style, this app is quite a staple.

There are 8 types of cartoon filters to choose from, namely Sketch, Cartoon, Dots, Halftone, Crosshatch, Swirl, Pixellate, and finally Emboss.

Of course you can share the results of the photos with other applications such as Instagram and Email, and in the application there is also an option to print. Even though there are Pro frills in the name, this application is available for free, you know!


Effect cartoon is one of the most popular photo effects today. With this effect, the person in the photo will turn into a cartoon character and it's very funny.

That's information about the application to change faces into cartoons on Android and iOS, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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