10 Running Writing Applications on Android for Memorization

Rancakmedia.com – In the article that we provide below, you can easily find out running text application on Android that you can use to memorize material easily and quickly.

This happens because you can make running writing on the video that is being recorded, and the application that rancakmedia.com provides is also very useful for you to use during online learning activities.

Teleprompter is a walking text application that allows us to read text or scripts while making videos or giving presentations.

If you watch news programs on television, they also use this type. This is intended so that the view continues to look at the camera, with that the presenter no longer needs to read scripts or writing on paper.

List of Running Writing Applications on Android

So, for those of you who are getting a video memorization assignment or an assignment to memorize text, you can use it application the following best running posts:

1. Teleprompter Pro

This application is quite light and good and of course it can help you in delivering speeches or making memorizing videos.

You only need to tap new/new then add the script you want to read. This application even has a feature to import scripts if you already have a ready-to-use script.

We are also given the option to change the font, background color, control speed and so on. Teleprompter pro has a lite version which is free to use or a pro version which costs $7.99.

2. Video Telepromter (Writing Application Running on the Cellphone Screen)

Currently smartphone cameras already have HD or 4K resolution features. Not a few YouTubers and journalists use their iPhones to capture video content for their videos.

The program is carefully developed so that it can produce videos and display scripts smoothly. Also, the user interface is very simple, making it easy to use.


The writing application running on the following video is BIGVU. In terms of functionality, there isn't much difference between this app and the last one.

To make the resulting videos more interesting, BIGVU offers a lot of customization possibilities.

One of them is the ability to add an image to the background using a green screen. We may also overlay text on captured videos to offer more information.

4. Selvi – Teleprompter Camera

This application will display the text that we have prepared on the screen simultaneously when we open the camera application on the cellphone. Selvi has two ways to add text, namely writing manually or importing a txt file.

5. Simple Teleprompters

The text application runs on Android, which in turn also has many features. Like managing each script separately, changing the color, size and type of font, countdown feature, changing the space between lines to adjust the viewing angle etc. Interestingly this application can be used for free without advertising.

6. Elegant Teleprompter

Next is a very good teleprompter with a very light size, only 2.3 megabytes. This app is very popular with more than 1 million users.

Some of its capabilities include mirror text, import text, change speed, text size, line spacing, focus center, text position, and so on.

7.Digital LED Signboards

The next application for making text videos running on Android that we recommend is Digital LED Signboard. The application has a nice text feature.

This is because more than a hundred font styles, effects, and colors have been presented that you can use when using this application.

Interestingly, all features are provided free of charge without having to pay a penny, this application is suitable to be installed in a crowd because it has LED lights that are bright and clear enough to be seen even from a distance.

8. LED Scroller Pro

LED Scroller pro has been around for a long time and is known as a running text application that can produce attractive LED writing.

In addition, this application also provides quite a large and varied selection of colors and font styles, so that users cannot get bored.

You can use this running writing while watching your favorite concert, to convey something to others.

Interestingly, this application is able to twinkle according to the rhythm of the song being played, so it's really cool for you to use.

9.LED Scrollers

The next application that you can try is the LED Scroller application. This application is able to display the color of the letters that are quite diverse. It's just that this LED Scroller does not provide a variety of letter styles.

And you are only given certain font choices that are more mainstream and often seem boring.

Even so, the lighting display in this application is fairly bright and clear. In fact, this can be an added value for those of you who want to look different when you come to a concert.

10. PromptSmart application

The next walking text video app for memorization is PromptSmart, this app is considered one of the free Teleprompret software programs available for iOS and Android.

The main features presented are like an intuitive voice activation feature, using Voice Track technology, the application will listen to the user's speech and you can find out.

Where the user is in the memorization script and adjusts the scroll speed accordingly, if you use this feature the user can focus more on the memorization script without worrying about the script.

Whereas the free version already offers a variety of useful features, but only the paid version can unlock the video recording feature.

11. Parrot Teleporter

The next application that you can use is called Parrot Teleprompter, the developer of this application is also called Parrot Teleprompter.

The size of this application account is relatively mini, so it will not take up the storage space of the user's device and the user.

If you use this application, users don't need to be afraid of the limited number of words, this will not happen because this application has an unlimited number of words in the script.

So no matter how many words you want to enter, this application will still display them, this is one of the advantages of the Parrot Teleporter application.

12. Nano Teleprompters

The last application that is no less interesting is Nano Teleprompters because there are many interesting features and certainly more complete than the previous application.

Nano Teleprompte is an application that has a feature to display floating widgets and text that runs on top of any camera application.

Another feature that is no less interesting is that the user can control the movement as desired and change the size of the text, the widget and the placement of the widget itself so that it doesn't block the view.

Even though it has sophisticated features, this application is only used by around 10 thousand versions of the Google Play Store.

The only reason is because this application is paid, so to download it you will be asked to pay Rp. 57,000,000.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about running writing, as follows:

1. Explain what is meant by running text?

Running Text is a promotional and information billboard made of led which can be programmed using a computer to display text, images and animations.

2. What is the name of the application that can change the text?

To be able to change text on an Android cellphone, you can use the iFont application. By using the iFont application you can get lots of unique and cool fonts.


Teleprompter is a walking text application that allows us to read text or scripts while making videos or giving presentations.

Thus the article about running writing applications on Android for memorization, I hope the information we provide above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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