The best Android keyboard application for free – In this article, we will recommend the best Android keyboard applications for free, even though every touchscreen smartphone is equipped with a fairly comfortable keyboard. However, there are always problems that make you need an additional keyboard application.

For example, you are used to typing with a QWERTY keyboard, but your smartphone uses a 3×4 or non-QWERTY keyboard.

Well, for those of you who are not satisfied with the default keyboard from a smartphone, then you must try a third-party keyboard application.

List of Android Keyboard Apps

Below are various Android keyboard applications that you can download for free, including:

1. Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Who can resist this keyboard developed by Google? Devices from Nexus of course already use Gboard – the Google Keyboard.

However, if you use another device, you can still download this fairly 'light' keyboard application. Why do we call this app 'lightweight'? Because Gboard – the Google Keyboard offers a simple, uncomplicated, and spacious interface.

Gboard – the Google Keyboard is also equipped with several features, such as gesture typing, sentence gesture typing, and emoji (on Android KitKat devices and above).

Almost everything you need in a keyboard is in this app that has been downloaded 500 million times. Gboard – the Google Keyboard can be downloaded for free immediately through the Google Play Store.

2. Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

One of the best Android keyboard apps, it offers a variety of features that set it apart from other similar apps.

SwiftKey includes data about how efficiently you type. Not only that, this application also provides many themes that users can choose from.

Simple and practical seems to be the hallmark of an application that has been installed 3 million times on this Android handset.

A tablet keyboard is also available, as is the ability to slide the keyboard to one side when using it with larger devices.

SwiftKey is the ultimate Android keyboard bar none. SwiftKey Keyboard is now available for free download on Android devices for those of you who need it right now.

3. GO Keyboard

This application has the same stigma as other GO applications. This is because there are many people who enjoy this keyboard app, but there are also others who hate it.

GO Keyboard provides a keyboard dock with a touch that's uncomplicated, but just enough to let you type freely. If you want a keyboard that looks 'busy', GO Keyboard is the right app for you.

This application provides many themes that can be adjusted to your needs. The emoji support in GO Keyboard is another bonus feature. Google Play Store users have downloaded GO Keyboard more than 100 million times, and it is available for free.

4. Kika Keyboard

This keyboard design is very unique, with many unique features. With Kika Keyboard, users can modify the shape, color, and type of writing according to their wishes.

Moreover, you can use any image in your smartphone gallery to change the keyboard background using Kika Keyboard. Of course, what is no less exciting is the collection of complete and funny emoticons!

5. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard has over 50 million downloads and a 4.5 star rating, making it one of the most loved keyboard apps available.

More than 3600 emoji, emoticons, GIFs and stickers are available in this app to spice up your conversations. Besides that, Facemoji Emoji Keyboard also provides hundreds of unique keyboard themes to download.

Personalize it even further by uploading your own image to the keyboard. There are many additional characteristics that are not covered here.

6. Flexy

When you use a smartphone, speed is paramount. Try to install Fleksy, because the makers claim that it is the fastest keyboard app in the world.

Maybe Fleksy is the only app that lets you share photos in GIF format. Also, like some other similar apps, you can also change the keyboard theme while using Fleksy.

Fleksy simplifies all your typing tasks. Not only that, this smart app also allows you to contribute words to the dictionary.

One of the further benefits provided by Fleksy is that it can be downloaded for free.

7. Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard, a third-party keyboard app with over 1 million downloads, is also worth a try. This so-called lightweight application provides an emoji keyboard that changes its color theme according to the application used.

Chrooma Keyboard also has a unique GIFs page where you can search and share all the GIFs you want, as well as multilingual typing, motion typing, and a night mode when you want to type at night.

The one-handed mode of this keyboard app allows users to text faster with just one thumb on the keys.

8. Grammarly Keyboard

In the field of grammar applications, Grammarly is one of the most famous. Additionally, Grammarly Keyboard, a third-party keyboard app, is available to make typing easier.

Grammarly Keyboard allows its users to write without errors in every application used. This is due to the seamless app integration and hundreds of tests and features.

If you are the admin of a company that regularly sends emails to customers, you can try using Grammarly Keyboard to help you write without errors.

9. Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji

Multiling O Keyboard + emoji is an app that interests most of the people looking for a keyboard app for Android.

Yes, although this app cannot compete with the popularity of SwiftKey and Swype, Multiling O Keyboard + emoji has various features such as support for 130 languages, floating keyboard, themes, built-in calculator, different layout settings and gesture typing.

For the most part, android users seem to like the apps that Honso has to offer. This can be seen from their reviews on the Google Play Store. Google Play Store offers Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji free download.

10. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

If you prefer to send GIFs to your friends, you can try using this keyboard app GIF Keyboard by Tenor.

If you want to convey your message graphically, you can do it directly from the keyboard using Tenor GIF Keyboard.

This keyboard app provides millions of Tenor GIFs and videos to find the one that fits your situation.

You can also search by emoji. Additionally, you can look through several categories, such as feedback and hot themes.

11. Rocky Keyboard

If you are looking for a unique and interesting keyboard app for your smartphone, then give the Rockey Keyboard app a try. There are several features and tools included in this app.

In the application, there are approximately 1000 wallpapers with more than 500 emoticons that you can use for free. You will also find some interesting 3D wallpapers among the tens of thousands of collections to choose from.

It doesn't stop there, Rockey Keyboard offers a function that can make your keyboard backdrop see-through.

Isn't that cool? Oh yes, even though it is full of features, Rockey Keyboard is also a lightweight application, only taking up approximately 27MB.

12. My Photo Keyboard

What if your image appears on the HP keyboard theme? Of course it can be done using one of the top Android keyboard programs on this one.

My Photo Keyboard, apart from being the most complete keyboard application that is rich in functionality, this application also has the advantage of being able to insert your photo as a keyboard theme.

Users can also happily change more than 500 emoticons and stickers. There are also more than 50 font styles that you can use anytime and anywhere. Moreover, our Photo Keyboard supports over 50 different languages.

13. Smart Keyboard Pro

Another one of our top choices of Keyboard apps, namely Smart Keyboard Pro. In its application, Smart Keyboard Pro provides various capabilities, for example you can enjoy the voice input feature.

It doesn't stop there, Rockey Keyboard has a feature that can make your keyboard background display transparent.

Pretty cool, right? Oh yes, apart from being complete with its features, Rockey Keyboard is also a relatively lightweight application, only consuming 27MB.

14. XR NEW PHONE Keyboard

Want to have an iPhone XR styled keyboard? Next, check out the XR NEW PHONE Keyboard app. The app's keyboard looks like the one on the iPhone XR.

This application has a basic interface, but also offers a lot of functions, as you probably noticed.

The features in question are in the form of gesture typing, next word suggestions, auto-correction, sticker suggestions, to voice input.

In addition to its fairly complete features, this application is also super lightweight and doesn't take up much space. In storage, this application only requires 4MB of space, you know!


Those are our picks for the top Android keyboard apps. Hope this helps you find the perfect keyboard app so you can type easily on your Android phone.

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