Application to Combine Photos on a PC or Laptop – What are the applications for combining photos on a PC or laptop? Now there are various applications that you can use to get the best quality photos.

Memang, saat ini juga banyak ponsel dengan kualitas gambar yang sangat baik. Namun, application edit foto terkadang masih diperlukan untuk menyempurnakan foto kamu.

Usually individuals modify their photos because they want to share them on social media. By sharing interesting photos, many people will pay attention to your photos.

In fact, very rarely will people compliment your ability to edit photos. That's why you should check out the photo editing apps we're about to show you.

Best Photo Combination Apps List

There are various programs that you can use to get the best photos. This application provides various capabilities.

One such feature is the ability to combine multiple photos into one image. So what are these applications? Check out the article below:

1. Paint

The first photo merging application on PC was Paint. Many of you are already familiar with Paint as it is part of the Windows operating system.

Paint comes pre-installed and has a straightforward application interface. Despite its simplicity, many people continue to use Paint to edit photos.

One of the reasons Paint is still used is because it's lightweight. For smooth operation, you don't need a high-performance computer.

Apart from that, you can also use this application to combine multiple photos or images into one.

2. Adobe Photoshop

The application that is widely used is Adobe Photoshop. For those of you who have been in the field of photo editing for a long time, of course you will be familiar with this one application.

You may even be one of the users. The Adobe Photoshop application for working with images in bitmap format is one of its many useful capabilities.

One of the most complete photo editing applications available is included in this application. You can take advantage of the quality in it to produce attractive photos. One of them is the ability to combine photos.

3. Photoscape

Photoscape also has application features that are no less popular. This is an app that has a lot of tools to help you take better photos.

You can also get this application for free via the internet. All menus and features are available to you for free.

4. CorelDraw

Corel Draw is an application used to modify vector format images. This application can be one of your main choices for editing photos and applications on a desktop or laptop computer.

Usually users use this application for purposes such as creating logos, illustrative images, and so on. You can also use this application to combine some of your favorite photos.

5. Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express, the last app on our list, lets you combine multiple images into one photo.

Unlike the previous application where you had to install it, you can use this application online.

Those of you who don't want to deal with installing apps to combine photos will appreciate how simple it simplifies the process. You just need to enter the website and combine multiple photos into one.

However, as previously said, Pixlr Express is an online photo editing application, so make sure you have internet access.

6. Adobe Illustrator

The next application is not much different from Adobe Photoshop because both come from Adobe.

The difference between the two lies in their utilization. For this application it is more specifically used to modify vector-based images. While Photoshop is more into pixel-based images.

7. Picasa

Picasa is another widely used application. This is a useful tool for keeping track of your photos.

Picasa has the advantage of being compatible with multiple operating systems. Apart from sorting photos by date, album, and other criteria, you can also use this feature to organize your entire photo library.

You can also use Picasa to combine multiple photos with quality that doesn't disappoint.

8. Microsoft Research AutoCollage

Microsoft Research AutoCollage is also an online-based application that you can use for free.

You can also use it to combine multiple images or photos.

There are a variety of useful tools included in this app, including the ability to take photos which will give you confidence when sharing them on social media.

9. Picture Collage Maker

In ninth place is Picture Collage Maker which makes it easy for its consumers.

Even if it's your first time editing photos, this application won't be difficult for you because the menus and functions are easy to use.

You can combine multiple photos into a collage and share them with your friends, family or partner.

10. Photo

Our last photo merger app for PC is Fotor. Fotor is a collage program that has been around for a long time.

Despite the proliferation of new apps, many people continue to rely on them. You can use Fotor to combine many of your favorite photos into one.

You can use this application to show your skills. Here you just need to be creative by taking advantage of the many options provided. The photos you edit using Fotor will not disappoint.


Thus the article about the application to combine photos on a PC or laptop, which of the applications above are you interested in using?

Hopefully the above article can help you combine photos easily.

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