How to Connect CCTV on Android and iPhone – Do you already know how to connect CCTV on Android and iPhone? If not, this is the right article for you to find out.

To increase security in the house, usually homeowners install CCTV in many corners of the room. By installing CCTV, the public only needs to see or pay attention to what is in the room, although not directly.

If something undesirable happens, such as theft, CCTV can be used to identify the perpetrator. CCTV cameras can also be used to watch and record children playing.

Until now, most CCTV systems have been connected to a computer or laptop using an Ethernet cable. That way, CCTV video can be checked quickly.

The CCTV system can be linked to an Android or iPhone in addition to a desktop or laptop computer or laptop. Check out some of the customer reviews below if you are interested in learning more about how to connect CCTV cameras to smartphones.

You can learn about the necessary procedures to quickly connect your phone.

How to Connect CCTV to an Android Phone

If you want to connect CCTV to an Android phone. You can use several methods which will be discussed below. See more:

Set up CCTV in advance

The first thing to do is to install CCTV first. This is done so that this equipment can work properly and there are no interruptions, especially those related to technical difficulties.

Position the CCTV Correctly

CCTV can operate effectively and be used to carry out security processes, provided the circumstances are right. What does this mean that the location of this CCTV is not too high or too low to show exactly.

In this way, all parts of the area can be protected by CCTV. In case of problems or breakdowns, it is possible to check the situation in real time or review the recorded footage.

In addition, make sure the location of the CCTV is also safe. In this context, "safe" means not to be harmed by exposure to heat or rain. In addition, CCTV will not be stolen by other people who are not responsible.


Make sure in advance whether the camera from the CCTV is on or not. CCTV cameras can turn on if they get the right electrical power. In addition, also make sure the IP of the camera is connected or not.

Next up is the DVR component. This utility is used to save. There will be a copy of everything recorded by the camera at this location, which can be viewed at any time.

Connecting CCTV to the Internet

Next is to connect CCTV to the internet so that it can operate properly. This can be done with two alternative approaches.

Both can be used but not all of them are acceptable for connecting to a mobile phone.

Using Cloud Access P2P

Since it does not require prior public IP access, the first option is often used. So, they can immediately access easily.

Using DNS

Different from the last. If you want to access the internet this way, then one has to know the public IP first.

Cloud Peer to Peer (P2P) Access

Once the DVR is working and directly connected to the internet. P2P cloud access is the next step. Read more below:

  1. Make sure the connection goes well. This is done so that the DVR is connected to the delay server available at the vendor.
    Enabling P2P Cloud Access on the DVR. Also make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Login ke DVR. Kamu harus login sebagai admin, lalu atur Cloud Access P2P. Letaknya di ‘Network’ dengan nama Cloud P2P Setting atau Platform Access. Akan ada verifikasi kode untuk menambahkan DVR ke application.
  3. After the DVR gets internet access, there will be a change of 'Register Status' to Online. Do it by refreshing the page.
    Install VMS/CMS from DVR vendor.
  4. Select the Tools menu then go to Device Management. Continue by clicking the 'Server Tab'.
  5. Add New Device Type, check the device then click 'OK'.
  6. After login, click Add Device. Continue by entering the serial number of the DVR that you already have.
  7. Click 'OK' and the process is complete.

After everything is done, you have to download some applications that are used to connect to the DVR. This application will later be installed on Android phones.

Some of the applications that can be used on Android phones consist of:

  1. VmeyeCloud
  2. EagleEYES
  3. Cloud ATVs
  4. InView
  5. IvMS
  6. CloudSee
  7. Meye

The methods outlined above to connect CCTV cameras to mobile via WiFi should be considered. One step in one step then the CCTV will not be able to walk.

How to Connect CCTV to iPhone HP

iPhone phones can also be used to view CCTV data easily. To be able to cure it you can take advantage of the following methods:

  1. Download an application that will later be used to connect iPhone with CCTV. One of the applications used is IDMSS.
  2. After it is installed properly, then you can open the application first. If it is open select the camera menu.
    A new page will appear that must be filled. The top should be filled with P2P.
  3. On SN, fill in the DVR code. Username use admin. Password is also admin.
  4. Press Start Live Preview.
  5. Select the channel or camera to view.
  6. Up here the process is complete.

In general, the way to do it is almost the same as on an Android phone. It's just that this discussion is made more concise because it will not repeat the same information.

Things that need to be considered

In order to take advantage of CCTV on a cell phone, there are a few things to keep in mind. Read more below:

Stable Internet

If you want to see what's on CCTV, you need reliable access to someone else's internet. Why is that? Because the data that must be collected if you have to access video is quite a lot compared to just sound or images.

To ensure a more reliable connection and a good view of what's in front of the CCTV cameras, internet use is strictly prohibited. That way there won't be any difficulties with the images at all, so you can see everything better.

Settings Must Be Correct

The next step is filtering, or rather, setting up on mobile. If this is not possible, installed apps may have trouble connecting to the DVR.

That's why it's important to keep an eye on the DVR's code or serial number. Don't make a typo and end up not being able to access the CCTV that you have.

Use Compatible Apps

Not all applications are installed on the cellphone, be it Android or iPhone. Make sure the app is installed successfully and the connection is also compatible with the DVR.

If you know how to do it, you can simply link the CCTV camera to your smartphone. You can use some of the ones mentioned above to connect to CCTV at home, so you can watch it right away without having to wait for the recording.

The most important thing to remember is that CCTV cameras connected to mobile phones can be used properly. For example, seeing a child taking a nap because they have to work so they don't feel worried when they leave. It can also be used to keep an eye on the environment around the clock to ensure a safe place to live.


Thus the article on how to connect CCTV on Android and iPhone cellphones, which we have summarized from various sources.

Hopefully after reading the article above you can understand it well, and can add to your knowledge in connecting CCTV on Android cellphones.

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