T-shirt design application for PCs and laptops

Rancakmedia.com – For those of you who want to design t-shirts, now it will be easy by using a t-shirt design application for PC. The reason is that there are many best clothes design applications available that you can use offline or online.

This time we want to offer a clothing design application for Android phones and PCs that you can use simply.

Fashion in life is undoubtedly one of those things that are constantly evolving. Clothing is more than just a tool to cover one's body again it is a way of life in and of itself.

Making your own clothes is a valuable experience that also increases your self-esteem.

Currently, you no longer need to buy clothes that have been mass-produced before. As a result, you have more freedom to express your own designs through your clothes. Clothing design, of course, is done through the use of computer clothing.

There are a lot of them application desain pakaian luar biasa yang tersedia saat ini untuk membuat pemotretan busana kamu sendiri. Aplikasi ini sudah tersedia di PC, laptop atau untuk Android.

Of course, there are pros and cons to any application. A PC, laptop or Android smartphone can use the following application to design their own clothes.

List of T-Shirt Design Applications on PCs and Laptops

We benefit a lot from living in a technologically advanced society because it makes our work simpler.

Think about anything like making clothes or sketching clothes. If in the past people made clothes using sketching tools such as canvas, pencil, and colored pencils, now they don't need them anymore.

You can use a computer to quickly design clothes. But before that, you have to download the t-shirt design application first.

Below are 10 PC and laptop clothing design applications that you can install, as follows:

1. GraffixPro Studio Software

You really need the GraffixPro Studio application if you want to launch a distro with your own clothing design. Because this application has several features that can make your shirt design very beautiful. Benefits of GraffixPro Studio include:

  1. Can use one of more than 40 popular fonts or can import True Type Fonts to apply.
  2. You can apply a color match that matches the text or elements on your shirt.
  3. Can use images or icons that have been provided by the application.
  4. Can create a quote or quotes that include customized artwork, contact information and more.

2. Smart Shirt Designer

The Smart Shirt Designer application is an application that allows you to create designs for clothes or clothes. The latest edition of this application makes it very easy for you to develop t-shirt designs.

You just upload your design to this app and then you can print it. You can arrange the clothes you want to design according to your wishes.

3. InkSpace

The name of this application may at least be recognized by some of you. Yes, the Inkspace app is an open source image editing application and is licensed under the GNU GPL.

Another goal is to provide drawing tools that comply with SVG, XML, and CSS standards. You can import and export different visual formats with this app, even though the native format is SVG.

How to use this application is also very easy. Apart from vector drawing, you can also use this application to design clothes. The 3D design tools are included with the InkSpace app, and can be customized any way you want.

4. Free T-shirt Maker

The Free T-shirt Maker application has provided several interesting options for you if you want to design your own shirt. Add photos and or text to your t-shirt designs with a few simple clicks.

After the design is complete, you can print the design prototype offered by the Free T-Shirt Maker application at any time. You can also wear various clothes.

If you want to save your t-shirt design in image format, then you can save it in PNG format.

The main thing that makes this app worth using is that it has lots of templates and has a very simple interface design. These templates have also been grouped by category and can be placed on any color of clothing.

5. Desktop T-Shirt Creator

You can use the SonicShack t-shirt designer and the Desktop T-Shirt Creator application to easily design clothes on your computer.

Not only that, you can instantly email, print, and save your creations. You can send the results of your t-shirt designs via email if you use an email delivery tool. Moreover, it is compatible with any Windows application.

6. Flash T-Shirt Design Software

If you want to design t-shirts on your PC, check out the Flash T-Shirt Design app. Because this application is no less exciting than other clothing design applications for you to use.

One of the advantages of this application is that you can send the results of your clothing designs to be sold to many people. Therefore, this application actually requires an internet connection to be able to take advantage of the other capabilities that you have.

As the name suggests, this application also uses flash technology. You can also add text, photos, clip art, and whatever size you want.

With this e-commerce function, you can display clothing prices, dress sizes, and more by utilizing this application. So that buyers can assess your goods easily.

7. Adobe Photoshop

Another very popular application for creating designs is Adobe Photoshop. Some of you must be familiar with this one application.

Because not only can you design clothes, you can also make flyers, posters, infographics and other visual designs with this application. You can load photos of dress models into this application and then you can design them according to your ideas.

8. CorelDraw

This one program, Corel Draw, is perfect for making your own clothing designs from scratch. CorelDraw is an application that is commonly used to produce clothing designs by experts. However, you need to be familiar with the app's tools to use it.

You can make a shirt model using the tools in the application. So, you won't be stuck with the usual clothing models on the market. Make a model of clothes with the results of your own creativity.

9. Adobe Illustrator

Custom clothing designs can also be created using Adobe Illustrator as an alternative to Photoshop. You have the option to use an image or an icon in your shirt template.

To achieve the best results, you also need to understand how to use this application. Because there are so many tools in Adobe Illustrator that you need to keep track of.

10. Advance T-Shirt Design Base

This application has provided various kinds of clothing modification effects which are quite a lot and also interesting. This application is also available for free for you.

Not only that, the Advance T-shirt Design Base application can also be paired with the CorelDraw Graphic Suite application.


Now you know the best t-shirt design application for PCs and laptops with complete features, so use the application above to support your clothing design activities.

Thus the article regarding the t-shirt design application for PC, hopefully it can be helpful and useful for you.

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