The Best Video Editing Application on Android – For those of you who want to become a YouTuber and are looking for the best video editing application on Android, or maybe you're looking for one video editing application for Youtubers, maybe some of these applications can be a consideration for you to use.

Currently there is no need to use a PC to be able to produce good videos, using an Android cellphone or an iPhone cellphone is also very capable to produce things such as applications on a computer or PC.

Currently there are several Android applications that can fulfill the functions/features video editing application on PC. Among them are color grading, slow motion, multi tracks, effects and other premium features.

Some apps, on the other hand, require a premium subscription to use all available features. Usually if you use the free version, a watermark will appear when the video is exported.

However, some application This watermark-free video edit is available for free download on Android and iOS apps. They are all almost identical in appearance features.

List of the Best Video Editing Applications

Below is a list of the best video editing applications that you can use on Android phones, what are the applications? see the article below:

1. Inshots

The video editors among you will love Inshot's video editing and ease of use. Especially it should be put on social media stories like wa, tiktok and facebook. Jedug pause videos, like bocil ff, are usually made by someone who wants to show off their account.

This video editing app is free to download and use, but paid versions are also available for Android and iOS.

In addition, this application also supports various devices, so you don't need to worry if your device doesn't support it.

Advantages of Inshots

  1. User friendly display
  2. Can be used to cut and join videos
  3. Already supports 4K
  4. There are many video transitions that you can use
  5. There are 1000+ types of stickers that you can try
  6. Available motion effects (Slow Motion and motion effect)
  7. There are many filters for your videos
  8. Support many video formats
  9. Available on Android and iOS
  10. And many other features

Lack of Inshots

  1. There are ads in the free version
  2. There are no undo tools when cutting video duration

Google PlayStore Rating: 4.8/5 Out of 13,552,862 Reviews

2. VivaVideo Editor

The second is a video editing application called Viva Video. The Google Play Store offers the free application VivaVidio, a video editor.

With this application, you can use it to edit videos for YouTube and social media.

The app includes lots of features like slowing down videos, speeding up videos, adding effects like Glich, FX and much more. If you guys want to test this app, I definitely recommend it.

Advantages of Viva Video

  1. Has complete editing features (Themes, music, clip editor, text and fx, and filters)
  2. Can add text to video
  3. Can add music to videos
  4. Can be used to add subtitles to videos
  5. Already support up to 4K

Disadvantages of Viva Video

  1. There are ads in the free version
  2. Not all versions of Android support this application

Google PlayStore Rating: 4.5 / From 13,239,865 Reviews

3. VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow

Free video editing software such as VN Video Editor Maker includes many unique features. Very basic but contains many features that are not shown, of course.

Among these features are tools to set the length and speed of your video recording, as well as filters and special features such as green screen and chrome lock.

Pros of VN Video Editor

  1. Supports multi layers and images
  2. Save project drafts automatically
  3. Lots of special effect features (Keyframe Animation, Filer, etc.)
  4. 4K 60Fps export support
  5. Easy to use
  6. Available on Android and iOS

Disadvantages of VN Video Editor

  1. There are ads in the free version
  2. Not yet support automatic subtitles

Rating Google PlayStore: 4.7/5 From 1,380,511 Reviews

4. YouCut

YouCut is a video editing application that is often used to mix music, pictures and filter effects.

This application offers basic features, such as video cutting, transcoding or converting from various formats to mp4 format.

There are several features that you can test if you use this application, including a free watermark even if you don't use the premium version. This is what sets YouCut apart from the competition.

Advantages of YouCut

  1. Supports many video formats mp4, mkv, avi, etc
  2. There are many effects and filters that you can use
  3. The video compression feature makes it more storage efficient
  4. There are 30+ transitions ready to use

Disadvantages of YouCut

  1. There are ads in the free version
  2. Only available on Android

Google PlayStore Rating: 4.9/5 Out of 4,848,443 Reviews

5. FilmoraGo

Try FilmoraGO, the greatest video editing app, now! You might recognize this one if you use a PC. How could I not, besides being free, the features are quite extensive.

You can learn to edit with FilmoraGO, but you can also use it as a professional editor. Apart from that, Filmora offers more than 1,000 music tracks to enhance your editing experience.

Advantages of FilmoraGo

  1. Suitable for beginners who want to learn to edit videos
  2. Provides more than 1000+ music tracks
  3. More than 5000+ stickers that you can use
  4. Trim your videos easily
  5. Already Support 4K
  6. Already available on Android and iOS

Disadvantages of FilmoraGo

  1. There are ads in the free version
  2. To be able to remove the watermark, you have to upgrade to VIP

Google PlayStore Rating: 4.7/5 From 679,190 Reviews

6. FilmMaker Pro

Film Maker Pro is the next best thing, and just as good. This video editing app is aimed at the pros, as its name implies.

But if you are still a beginner, don't worry, because this application is equally ideal for beginners to use.

One of the other applications using Film Maker Pro is the many video intro templates available. This is ideal for those of you who want to start uploading videos to YouTube but don't know where to start.

Pros of Film Maker Pro

  1. Green Screen feature
  2. PIP Image Support
  3. Already supports 4K
  4. Support Slow Motion
  5. Lightwave Video Editor
  6. Available on Android and iOS

Disadvantages of Film Maker Pro

  1. There are ads in the free version

Google PlayStore Rating: 4.7/5 Out of 519,336 Reviews

7. KineMaster

KineMaster is the best video editing app in my opinion lol. Why? because I believe this application is ideal for beginners and pros.

Many of the features are similar to PC programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve, in my opinion. KineMaster users will recognize a similar experience in both apps.

Advantages of KineMaster

  1. Suitable for beginners who want to learn to edit videos
  2. User Friendly layout
  3. There are tons of filters and transitions that can be used right away
  4. Color grading, Eq, FX
  5. 4K support
  6. Support Android and iOS

Disadvantages of KineMaster

  1. There are ads in the free version
  2. There is a watermark on the free version

8. PowerDirector

Next up is PowerDirector. They suggest you can produce professional-level videos by following their advice. Too bad you're missing out on so many cool features with this app.

Some of the features they have include being able to export videos in 4K quality, already supporting a video stabilizer tool which is quite beneficial if the video you have is choppy and unstable.

Pros of PowerDirector

  1. 4K video export support
  2. Speed up and slow down video feature (Slow motion)
  3. Support IOS Video stabilizer
  4. There is a green screen feature
  5. Many filters and transitions that you can use immediately
  6. Control brightness, hue saturation, and color grading

Disadvantages of PowerDirector

  1. There are ads in the free version
  2. More features in premium version

Rating Google PlayStore: 4.5/5 Out of 1,611,958 Reviews

09. CapCut

Ninth is CapCut. Yes, this video editing application is mostly used by FF kids who want to show off their accounts. In my opinion, CapCup is more suitable for editing stories wa ig or tiktok.

This is because the features themselves are more intended for short videos. Some of these features are Top Music Hits, Stickers and text, as well as jedug pause effects such as magical effects.

Advantages of CapCut

  1. Support export videos with high quality
  2. There are lots of music and sound tracks that you can use for free
  3. Lots of cool stickers and effects that can be used

Disadvantages of CapCut

  1. There are ads in the free version

Google PlayStore Rating: 4.4/5 Out of 3,394,170 Reviews

10. ActionDirector

ActionDirector is the last option. With this video editing app you can record, edit and share your videos all in one place! You don't need to worry if you are still learning to edit because this software has a tutorial.

So what are the features of ActionDirector? Trimming videos, applying filter effects, using lots of different video transitions, and even adding animated stickers to your videos are just a few of the available options.

Advantages of ActionDirector

  1. Can directly record and edit videos
  2. Has a complete video editing feature
  3. There are lots of cool filters and transitions that you should try
  4. Action-packed Movie Effects

Disadvantages of ActionDirector

  1. There are ads in the free version

Google PlayStore Rating: 4.4/5 Out of 162,389 Reviews


These are the top ten video editing apps on Android that you should check out if you plan to upload your videos to YouTube soon, they can also be used to edit videos into wa or facebook stories. Apart from that we also have other articles about video editing application on laptop.

Thus the article regarding the best video editing application on Android, I hope the article above can make your video editing cooler and more interesting to watch.

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