The Best Android Drum Application for Beginners – If you want to learn to play the drums, you can use the best drum application for Android, this game can help you to be able to play the drums.

If you are a big fan of Hard Rock, Jazz, and Metal, then you should know how important it is to play drums for a song from this genre.

It acts as the backbone for the entire band and its songs. Those who are fans of legendary drummers like Chris Adler, Mike Portnoy, and the like.

You have to realize that this is not child's play. It takes a lot of effort and energy to be able to play the drums.

So, what if you don't have a drum at home? What methods will you use to perfect the timing of the beats in your songs?

The solution is very easy. You can do so much more with virtual drums that Android can make for you to practice with. Check out this collection of the best Android drum apps for your Android.

15 List of the Best Drum Apps for Android

Below are various drum applications that you can use to practice your drum playing skills, as follows:

1. REAL DRUM: Electric Drum Set

Anyone who enjoys drumming, regardless of skill level, will find this app a valuable resource.

It includes all the equipment parts of a professional drum set. Both major and minor crash cymbals are included as well as Splash and Ride cymbals, close hits, and open cymbals in the Dual Bass Kickdrum Setup.

You also need three Tom-Toms, a Snare and a floor tom. It's everything you need to learn the basics of playing some songs or practicing.

This drums app for Android offers 60 different rhythmic beats for various genres, from the most basic to the most advanced.

You also receive 32 instrumental music loops that you can play. Once you have mastered and know how to play with this application, you can record your own performance and then use it in compositions.

You can also save these recordings as mp3 files to your phone's memory, which you can then share with others.

This app is free to use but the ads are quite annoying. You have to pay for in-app purchases to get rid of those annoying ads.

2. WeDrum

Android drum apps are great for beginners because they provide a wide selection of tracks to play with a drum kit.

From easy to difficult, each song is broken down into its component parts according to skill level. When the music starts playing, you'll see a rhythm and color representation to help you keep track of the beat.

While music is playing, colored dots indicating each component move above. To synchronize with the rhythm of the music, you can press the components at the specified time.

This app also offers a special solo mode. This lets you play on your own, whether you want to develop new compositions or just practice freely.

You receive 3 unique cymbals and 2 Tom-Toms, 1 Snare, 1 Floor and a Bass kickdrum. These drums don't allow you the in-app recording feature, unlike Real Drum.

But it contains an equalizer that offers you control over the sound of all the components. In addition, there is a settings option right next to the equalizer that lets you choose from a variety of drum kits depending on your preferred style, such as Rock, Jazz, or Dance.

Here, rock and jazz come pre-loaded with the app, while you have to download the rest.

Every day, new tracks are added to the library, and when you start the app, you will get new songs as a gift.

3. Easy Drums

This Android drum app guides users through the process of learning drums step by step. You can choose your level at the start, which consists of 3 levels, Beginner, Amateur and Master.

In Beginners, you will be taught to attack Snare exclusively, with different patterns. This pattern will help when you reach a higher level.

At Armature, you receive the entire drum kit or you can choose your pads. Instructions get a bit difficult here as you have to tinker with various drum patterns and components.

In no time, you will adapt and these moves will come in handy when you play the actual drums.

In the Masters section, you will not receive any lessons. You can play the drums along with the four different solos included in this app.

You have the option to choose between full pads and a drum kit setup. The master function also allows you to upload your favorite music from your local memory into the application and you can play your songs.

Learning to play the drums can be difficult, therefore this app is ideal for those who want to learn the basics step by step.

4. Simple Drums Basic

There are six different drum kits included, one for each of the following styles: rock, metal, jazz and electro.

This android drum app lets you choose one of the drum kits and get ready to play.

If you want to switch between different drum kits, you can do so by tapping on the gear icon in the lower left corner. There are no lessons in this drum simulation app. Therefore, it is of no use to beginners.

You can practice playing the drums while listening to the solo music included in the game, which can be played in single loop or imported from your phone. You can also access the sound settings of the application by selecting the equalization button.

You will get several recording and effect options there. The volume of the master and other drum set components can be adjusted using the volume mixer, which is also included.

5. Drum Kits

The app includes 4 different drum kit modes based on genres. They are Classical, Hip-Hop, Electro, and Metal.

you only get the traditional mode, for the other three you need to get them one by one from the Play Store.

Selecting traditional mode gives you access to all drum kit components, including the snare, floor tom, and double bass kickdrum, as well as 7 cymbals and 2 toms.

Also, there are recorder options and playback buttons, as well as save/load/move options in this drumming. There is also a unique equalizer, you can modify it according to your taste even though it's already finished.

Like other android drum apps, it also includes the ability to export mp3 files from your phone to play them in the app.


In a few weeks, you can learn the skills of a professional drummer by playing this drum game.

you will get some songs in the manual in the application. But we can only choose from a few guidebooks because you need a membership to access all the features.

Each drum component will have a different color after you select an available file. With each chorus, colorful bars will drop from the sky, inviting you to touch certain drum components to build your own rhythm.

This drum android app is pretty good, but you can use the app for 7 days for free and after that, a weekly or yearly membership is required.

7. Classic Drums

This android drum app is the same as Real Drum, because it is developed by the same creator.

There is no substantial variation between drumming, only a few additions to components. Now here we have a single Bass kickdrum, 2 Tom-Tom, Floor, Snare, Ride, Open and Close Hit. 3 crashes and some new improvements like Tambourine and Cowbell.

All the beats, rhythms, and lessons are the same, as are their individual recording choices. This app has less ads than the others I have described because it is ad-free.

8. Electro Music Drum Pads

You won't find simulated drum sets in this app, as you do in the other two described above.

There are 8 different pads with unique sound effects in each. Crash, Ride, Tom-Tom, Floor, Snare, Cowbell, and Open-Close Hits all appear on this track.

It hasn't included a kick drum sound effect, which is a little frustrating, but other than that it works flawlessly. You will not receive alternative solo instrumentals or the possibility to upload music from your phone's memory.

There is an equalizer that can be used to modify the sound of the pads. The most unpleasant thing is showing too many ads which is the biggest problem here.

9. Drum Studio

Drum Studio has just been upgraded to version 3.7 and lets you play drums on all your Android devices. Drum Studio is a multi-touch drum kit program that provides the highest sound quality.

Some of the features of this android drum app are great like rock kits and hiphop kits, multi-touch support, right hand hi-hat, crash and ride and you can change drum position settings. Complete with beautiful and sharp animations.

10. Modern A Drum Kit

All sounds are produced in stereo, giving the Contemporary A Drum Kit the sharp clarity of a modern studio drum kit.

This android drum app offers uncompressed 16-bit drum samples, reverb effects, and a multi-band mixer that lets you shift between channels and adjust the volume.

A collection of presets from various music genres suitable for drummers of any genre allowing you to quickly demonstrate the playing possibilities of your drum kit.

With a high level of realism and sound depending on the location of the hits, high-speed reactions, and the ability to slide your fingers between drums.

11. Simple Drums Rock

Simple Drums Rock certainly deserves a high rating on the Play Store for being able to practically flawlessly replicate real drums.

As an illustration, you receive all the drum components, such as double bass, snare, some cymbals, etc. Tapping on separate drum components allows you to create the sound you want.

This best drum app for android also lives up to our expectations as there is zero tap-to-sound latency. As a result, the touch reaction is very fast.

While this basic version of drumming is sufficient for most, you do have the option to remove ads for $ 2 or IDR 30,000.

12. Drum Pad Machine

If you don't want to play drums but still want to produce drum sounds with rhythm, a Drum Pad Machine is a fantastic solution.

When you first launch the app, you are greeted with a colorful grid of single squares. Tapping squares that have the same color scheme produces a comparable sound.

These sounds are made so that every square you click plays them in rhythm, so you'll sound good with any permutation and combination.

Changing the voice at any location on the grid is one of the best features of this app, in my opinion. So whether you're a Hip-hop, Trap, or EDM fan, you have plenty of options.


If you are serious about learning the drums, I recommend signing up for a formal drum class. If you just want to give yourself a try, the best Android Drums Apps are a great option.

Thus the article about the best drum application for Android for beginners, I hope this article can be useful for you.

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