Cool Photo Booth Application for Android – Use the photo booth application, a special application to make attractive photos and have fun with your friends. The use of photobooths or photo booths is now very common and produces beautiful memories.

List of Photo Booth Applications

This list contains the best photo booth apps. Take photos with your friends and share your memories.

1. Mini Photo booth

Use application small Photobooth for taking and editing self-portraits. Create a photo collage that resembles a collection of photos from a photo booth with this feature. During the photo creation process, the app adds filters and blurs.

Filters are shown left and right, while blur is plotted up and down axes, respectively. There are a total of 26 different effects in the app, but you can shoot without them.

Four photos form a typical collage in a photo editing software. You can save the finished image to the gallery on your mobile device.

Apart from saving photos to the Mini Photobooth app, you can email them or save them to the photo gallery on your smartphone. In the top right corner of the app, a sleek gear icon can be seen.

Tap to open settings. In this section, you can reduce the app's default number of shots from 4 to 3.

In app settings, you can set “Save photo to gallery” option and choose one of 5 photo effects. The selected effect will be applied to all app snapshots unless you change it in settings.

Photo frames might be matte or glossy, for example. While this app doesn't replace a photo booth, it is a great concept for creating distinctive retro photos.

2. Photo Booth Connected

The Photo Booth Connected app faithfully recreates the look and feel of vintage analog photo albums. Oldskulnye photo effect, 4-image virtual strip, vintage interface design.

After initial startup, the app will ask your permission to collect location data. This is a normal request for a photo program that can insert a GPS location into the photos it takes.

You always have the option to disable apps' use of your location data in the settings menu. The Photo Booth Connected app does not require any additional settings to work.

By default, the application uses the front camera to take a picture of your current position. However, you have the option of using your smartphone's main camera.

To achieve this, go to the app UI and click on the camera toggle button in the bottom left corner. Pointing the camera at yourself is the best way to take a throwback selfie.

After that, adjust the image to your liking and press the green “Start” button to get started. After that, the smartphone will flash four times and flash a red dot on the screen.

It takes exactly 2 seconds between photos so you can change your facial expressions to be more pleasing.

After you take a photo, the Photo Booth Connected app gives you a virtual photo paper with four photos. If you are not satisfied with the result, just delete the photo and start again.

3. LOL Photo booth

LOL Photobooth is a smartphone camera that has remote shutter capabilities from your smartphone camera.

It operates with a built-in motion detector. The ability to take visually appealing selfies by way of a photo booth comes in handy.

It's as simple as opening the app and pointing the camera at your face. After that you need to open your open palms first, then tighten your fists and open them again.

After 2 seconds the app will take a photo. Everything is easy and convenient.

You'll find some basic help and apps for adjusting program settings in the preferences menu. Among other things, there are temporary delays and fluctuations in the frequency of image readings.

A blur effect can be applied to photos taken with the LOL Photobooth app to hide imperfections on the skin. Also here you can enhance eyes and lips, narrow cheekbones and nose. Get rid of puffiness under your eyes, brighten your face and change your lighting.

For distances of up to four meters from the subject, the developers guarantee reliable program performance. Therefore, thanks to using this app, you will be able to capture much better and more attractive self-portraits.

You simply make a group photo with your involvement by varying the shooting angle.

4. SLR Booth Pro

The SLR Booth Pro application is intended for creating and processing portraits.

Despite the simplicity of the app, it employs state-of-the-art methods to improve quality. They can judge a person's gender, age and skin color and create an ideal image based on this data.

The main goal of this app, on the other hand, is to create photos in the classic way of a photo booth. The SLR Booth Pro application creates a collage of 4 photos.

Between photos, you have 3 seconds to change position. It's just like in a real photo booth.

You will be prompted to select an existing photo from your device or take a new photo before you can start the editing process itself. The SLR Booth Pro application detects the person in the photo and makes it appear as beautiful as possible.

This way, you can remove skin imperfections, increase the contrast of photos, and much more. The conversion depth can be modified using the slider at the bottom.

In addition to automatic enhancements, the SLR Booth Pro application can apply many creative effects to photos. They allow you to give your portraits a more emotional and distinctive appearance.

You don't have to pay anything to use this app. It has a beautiful UI and has no native ads.

5. Effect Booth

Effect Booth is a flexible application with a specific function that allows you to take photos remotely. This method mimics making photo cards in a custom photo booth.

Effect Booth application must be installed and running on both devices to use this application. One will be the camera, the other will be the trigger.

The concept is that there will be no more people in front of the lens. Everyone is probably in the frame. One of the group photo participants removed the cover from the remote gadget on the cellphone.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth allows applications on various devices to communicate with each other. Achieving both is preferable.

When taking a picture, you can change the capture width of the camera – regular, macro and far. You can adjust the brightness of the photos you take. And all this remotely! Enhance photos with new effects, text and writing with this app.

Four stock photos were used to create the collage. But this feature can be changed in app settings. Here you can select 3 or 5 photos in one collage. Frame size and color can also be customized.

Share the final image with your friends via social networks or messengers. You will have to access the app settings to make these changes.

6. Photo Booths

The Photo Booth application will help you produce extraordinary selfie photos with your friends in a photo booth style.

Save your best memories in collage style. Here you can combine the best photos made without any preparation.

In total, four photos were used to create the collage, all taken using the built-in camera. Between photos, you have 5 seconds to change your position. This is where you can also make changes to the final photo.

The Photo Booth app doesn't just let you change colors and lighting. You will be able to get better photos and add to your collection of beautiful photos if you do this.

The main feature of this application is the ability to crop photos. A rectangle and smartphone images appear on the screen in various places. It's up to you to combine them all to create the ideal visual composition.

Automatic selfie taking is another feature of the Photo Booth app. you switch from the rear camera to the front and then you integrate the rectangles on the screen in the same way. The countdown has started in the app. And in your gallery you will see a sequence of selfies.

It's not a terrible app with its unique features. It's totally free and no built in shopping required. Plus, there are no annoying ads.

7. FunEvent Photo Booth

FunEvent Photo booth is an application for creating collages from your photos.

You can choose how many photos you want to include in the collage and then take them right there in the app. This is a contemporary “modified” form of photo booth, which takes pictures using your phone's front camera.

When you launch the software, a large selection of blank collages appear before you. It is possible to divide the future photo area into as many as six photos.

The shape of the template is also different. It may be square, rectangle and triangle. By completing a few swipes, you can see the entire collection of workpieces. The best choice for you is the one you choose.

You can change things to your liking. Click the “Frame Adjust” menu option at the bottom of the screen. You can change the aspect ratio of the image by using the options in this section.

You can also change the roundness of the selected template form's edges. Set the separation between photos in terms of pixel spacing.

Then proceed to the “Background” section. There are various settings to choose from. Monotonous, with tree textures, children, in cages and many other things.

Everyone will be able to find something for themselves in the directory. You can also use an image from your computer's photo library as a background image.

8. Selfie Booth – Selfie Photo Booth Editor

Selfie Booth – Selfie Photo Booth Editor is an application for creating attractive photo collages in the style of a photo booth.

Make attractive and high-quality photos with your friends. Share your experiences and thoughts using this great tool.

This app uses the front camera and timer to take multiple photos. The number of photos in the collage is completely up to you.

The time between shots can also be adjusted. You will be able to put your collage in a better place this way.

Selfie Booth – The Selfie Photo Booth Editor app allows you to modify your collage by entering a title or address. Then choose a special text color or texture for the inscription.

Fonts are another option, as is creating a text background if desired. Click “OK” then choose a place to greet you when you arrive.

You can also add stickers to your collage with this app. In this area there are stickers that read "I love you" and others.

After you have completed all the steps, click on the “Save” button in the lower right corner of the screen. The happiest moments in your life deserve to be shared with the people you care about.

It's possible to do it directly from the app itself. Adding an email address or authorizing your account on a social network will do this.

9. Selfie Photo Booth

Using your phone's front camera and the Selfie Photo Booth app, you can turn your photos into vintage collages. The photo booth photos themselves will appear in this format.

Once the app is launched, you will be asked to choose one of 10 collage frames. Frames in alternative editors are often 15 or more. However, with certain editors, the number may be as high as 50 or even more.

Choose a photo from gallery or make it with camera after you choose a frame. After selecting the images, you can add effects, flip them, move them, or completely remove them from the collage area.

By selecting an effect for one photo, you can apply that effect to other photos. You can adjust the collage background color, size and add text in the panel below.

By the way, you can not only change the color of the text but also choose one of 10 attractive fonts. There is no limit to the number of stickers you can add. To share your edited image, simply click the “Share” button on the screenshot.

You have the option to share the photo on social media or just keep it in your gallery from now on. If you have selected the first option, you need to add your account from any social network in the app settings.

10. Be Fabulous PHOTO BOOTH

You can create amazing photo collages with the Be Fabulous PHOTO BOOTH app. Apply photo booth effects. Your friends will be surprised when you show them old photos that you saved for them.

You can use the wizard to quickly create a photo collage. Within minutes, you can create an amazing photo collage and save it or share it directly on social networks.

Once the settings are complete, proceed to the next stage by clicking on the relevant option.

Here you can find a wide variety of collage templates. As well as innovative and attractive photo collages in various forms. There are many options available when creating a photo collage.

Add a colorful background, gradient or recommended image. You can also submit your own image as background, add blur or fill. With simple finger movements, photos can be resized or moved.

Besides can be repositioned and rearranged in various ways. Here you can add text and change size, color, stroke, shadow, font.

The Be Fabulous PHOTO BOOTH app allows users to add stickers to their photos. Move, rotate and resize it as needed. You can open the photo editing menu with a short touch on the photo.

11. Face Warp: Photobooth

Face Warp: Photo Booth is a unique app that lets you create amazing collages from photos using different types of frames. In just a few clicks you will receive a beautiful photo, which you can then share with your friends.

The Face Warp: Photo Booth application uses the front camera, just like in a real photo booth. Put your phone somewhere you'll be glad to find it. Then turn on the timer. you have complete control over time.

Stand in front of the cellphone camera with your friends and wait for the picture to be taken. Then you will have a few seconds to change your posture. You have the option to create a collage from different photos.

When using this app, you can adjust everything from the size of the image to its shape and color to how far apart your photos are from each other. Here you can apply different fonts and textures.

When one of your creations is ready, you can post it to one of your social networks or save it in high resolution. If you choose the first option, you need to add your accounts from social networks in the settings of this application.


Thus the article about the photo booth application for Android that we have summarized from various sources, I hope the article above can be useful and help you to save memories through photos with friends, family or partner.

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