Application to Make Wedding Invitation Videos on Android – Has it ever crossed your mind to look for making wedding invitation videos? A wedding which is a joyous occasion for everyone wants to be unforgettable.

Event invitations are one of them. For distant families, making digital wedding invitations is the right solution.

Android devices can also be used to film wedding invitations, apart from laptops and PCs. You can make a wedding movie this way using an app on your phone.

Android is capable of handling every video of a video, from the music to the transitions to the text that appears in the video. You just need to have the tool to film those wedding invitations on your phone.

List of Applications for Making Wedding Invitation Videos

You can make it according to your preferences without limits, just using a smartphone with the Android operating system. To find out more, you can read through the following article:

By Using Video Invitation Maker

You can create amazing wedding invitation movies with Video Invitation Maker app. With lots of layouts, colors, and embellishments, you can design the video invitation you want. This is how it's done.

  1. Install video Invitation Maker from Google Play Store by clicking here
  2. Allow access to the concerned app once it is installed and ready to use
  3. After that, select Maker Change to make changes to the template you have chosen

You can change the text by clicking on the desired text or double-pressing it. Then, change the words to your liking. Fonts, colors and shadows are just the beginning.

  1. To enhance the invite, place a sticker on the video as well
  2. For the video background, select Effects from the drop-down menu. Also add background music
  3. Your invitation video can be saved if all the details are correct.

By Using the Canva Application

It's safe to say that the majority of people use Canva on a daily basis. This is because Canva is very accessible. There are a variety of templates to choose from too. So, you can choose the best video invitation for your wedding as you like.

  1. Install the Canva app on your phone from the Google Play Store by clicking here
  2. Open the Canva app and go to Videos
  3. To create a wedding invitation, start with a template you like and then fill in the details
  4. To enhance the video, use Elements and Effects in it

There are templates that provide all the necessary effects. you just need to update important information

Make a Wedding Invitation Video with the Kinemaster Application

You can use the Kinemaster application to make it. All you have to do is prepare the materials for the video, you can already make a great video invitation.

Just prepare the content for the video, you can make a great invitation video.

  1. Install Kinemaster from Google Play Store by clicking here
  2. Adjust video ratio
  3. Select the photo or video you want to use as well
  4. Add files and set time limits
  5. After that, customize the information to be displayed by adding layers
  6. Make the moves you want

To create a wedding invitation video, you must first decide on a general video. You may choose according to the agreement of the couple who will marry. With a preset theme, it will appear in harmony with the idea you provide.


Thus the article about the application for making wedding invitation videos on Android, I hope this method can help you to make it.

How easy isn't it to design your own wedding invitation video via an Android phone? Please try one by one and find the easiest method.

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