Android Wedding Invitation Application – Currently there are various wedding invitation applications that you can use to make work easier. You can also make invitation designs easily, only with your hands.

Instead of hiring a company to design and print invitations for a special event like a wedding or birthday, you can use one of the many providers available. However, these dealers generally charge quite high prices.

Belum lagi desainnya, yang seringkali tidak seperti yang kamu harapkan. kamu yang memiliki lebih banyak waktu luang mungkin ingin mempertimbangkan untuk membuatnya sendiri. kamu dapat menggunakan berbagai macam application di Android untuk mulai mengembangkan desain pilihan kamu sendiri.

List of Wedding Invitation Applications

You can use these 13 invitation design applications for Android to make invitation cards with lots of creative concepts. It is suitable for making wedding invitations, including:

1. Canva

Canva is an invitation design application that is very popular in Indonesia and has been included in the ranks of the best Editor's Picks on the Play Store. Embracing the phrase 'any design', Canva is definitely the smart answer to all your invitation design requirements.

Here, there is a selection of templates, alias examples of ready-made invitations for you to use.

Not only designing wedding invitations, Canvas also provides various other templates such as greeting cards, postcards, Facebook covers, flyers, posts for Facebook and Instagram, blog banners, book covers, Pinterest and Tumblr graphics, certificates, CD covers, and many more. other.

By using this application you can explore the many themes, images and other effects provided to make the design neater and more attractive.

You can also enter text and adjust its color and then save it. Better yet, you can do it for free.

2. Invitation Maker 2.0

Invitation Maker 2.0 is a very complete application like Canvas. The Z Mobile Apps application is no less liked by its users. you might be convinced from its pretty good rating at 4.7.

Plus, the app can also be used on any Android operating system, including older ones. It's no surprise that Invitation Maker 2.0 is one of the most popular invitation design apps on the Play Store.

You'll be able to combine them in a way that makes your card stand out from the crowd using the many templates and backgrounds available.

Plus, you have complete control over the editing process, including the ability to add or remove textures, change the background color, use a photo from your gallery as the background, adjust the aspect ratio, insert stickers, and add text in a variety of fonts and colors.

Then you can save and share your work with people. From wedding invitations, reunions, bridal showers and graduation parties to various other events and invitations that might need an invite, this app can handle it all.

3. Greeting Cards Gallery

As the name suggests, this program allows you to create greeting card designs from your current collection. Users can also make other customizations such as changing the background image, changing the font, color or size.

The greeting card or invitation you make here can be placed in landscape or portrait shape, depending on your preference.

In addition, there are many more editing options provided. You can test it for free by downloading it from Google Play Store.

4. Party Invitation Card Maker

Invitation design software that you should also explore is Party Invitation Card Maker. The VCS app was created to help you create invitations for all kinds of celebrations, such as weddings, birthday parties, bachelor parties, barbecues and many more.

In the editing process afterward, you may find an option that can change your modified invitation card into a wallpaper on your smartphone. Incorporate key phrases into your invitation card design to give it a more personal touch.

Besides that, there are many more interesting elements that you can find. This includes the All works in one screen functionality, full view canvas, and more.

To give a cheerful and cheerful impression, you can apply various stickers that are included there. The next invitation is to share the invitation with all your loved ones and colleagues.

5. Invitation Card Maker Free by Greetings Island

Greetings Island's Free Invitation Card Maker is a great app for those of you who are interested in something basic, easy, but unforgettable.

This Greetings Island application provides design options that are grouped into several categories, such as birthday invitation cards, Christmas events, weddings or other events.

That way you only need to edit the template from the category you want to use. This application really spoils its customers with hundreds of design choices, so you don't have to bother making further adjustments.

7. Wedding Invitation Card Maker

Stylish Software World created this invitation design app exclusively for creating wedding invitation cards, as the name of the app implies.

With Wedding Invitation Card Maker, making wedding invitation cards is not difficult anymore. This application is the fastest shortcut to get attractive and well-made invitation cards without having to pay a lot of money.

This application provides a number of interesting features to try. Enter all your wedding related information after picking up the design from the template library. It's that simple. Plus, you have complete control over who has access to your modifications.

8. Invitation Maker – Invite Maker & Flyer Creator

Invitation Maker-Invitation Maker & Flyer Maker designed by James Thomas Carter can be an ideal alternative for your invitation design application requirements.

Invitation Maker-Invitation Maker & Flyer Maker views invitations as mystical artifacts that only this app can create. With this application, it will be easier for you to express yourself through the invitations you make.

Processing time will also be shorter than making designs manually. In other words, by taking advantage of all the great features available, you can earn more money.

A wide variety of ready made templates are also available and ready to use as a starting point for your own designs. You can also explore and choose the ideal background according to your needs.

Plus, you can experiment with different effects to enhance your invitation designs.

It all starts with effects like glitter or vintage or hipster or bokeh or brick or flowers or wood or watercolor or love or chevrons.

Take advantage of the preferred design when making your invitations. Invitation Maker makes it easy for you to access many important options for optimal results.

In addition, there are more than 30 professional design filters for your cards and various user-accessible visual design components, as well as more than 40 typography to enhance the text that you have included.

9. Housewarming Invitation Maker

We've gone through various apps for modifying invitations to public events, such as weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations, in the past.

This particular app, on the other hand, serves a slightly different purpose. This product is one of the applications for producing Greeting Island designs, which apparently deliberately released many applications for various demands for invitation designs.

Housewarming Invitation Maker mainly concentrates its services on creating housewarming party invitation card designs.

Even though it is not a common occurrence in Indonesia, some people there also follow it. Thanks to this software, you can now easily create your own housewarming party invitation card.

Adding the included stickers allows you to express yourself more fully. Actually, there are many effects that improve your cards.

10. All Greeting Cards Maker

Various kinds of invitations can be made using this application. Starting from invitations in general, such as wedding invitations, birthdays, graduations, to just wanting to say hello or pass on your longing to someone.

Thanks to the various features provided, it's no wonder that this All Greeting Cards Maker has been downloaded by many people. By using existing tools, you can increase the visual appeal of the invitation.

Among them is the existence of more than 500 photos and clips that are offered to perfect your editing procedure.

You don't have to spend time sorting and selecting; instead, All Greeting Card Maker categorizes the cards for you.

By narrowing your search to a specific category, you can save time. There are many categories such as birthdays, Christmas, weddings, newborn & baby showers, anniversaries, halloween, and several other categories.

11. Greetings & Invitation Maker

Just like other invitation card design applications, Greetings & Invitation Maker claims to make it easier for anyone, whenever they need it, to create invitation cards.

Thanks to the various features included, users no longer have trouble making modifications. More than 400 other types of templates are also available.

So, all you have to do is choose it, then modify it according to your needs. The quality of this template ensures that you won't be disappointed with the final design.

After that, you have the option to save or print the design you made before.

12. Greeting Card Maker

Slightly different from the applications previously discussed, Greeting Card Maker is here to target customers who want to create invitation cards for big events.

Usually these big events take the form of festivals, such as Christmas, Halloween, Buddhist holidays, and other celebrations. In this application, there are at least 40 types of backgrounds that can be chosen according to the interests and needs of each user.

Since the majority of important events that are celebrated together are religious holidays, Greeting Card Maker even gives specifics about the dates used for religious holidays in its application.

13. Download & Print

If you're looking for something basic but interesting, Download & Print could be a great app. Download & Print provides a variety of templates, just like any other design application.

However, the template model provided in this application seems less complicated and also more visually appealing. You can also change the font type used to write text. If it doesn't match, you can choose another font for free.

Not only that, with this application you can also make invitation cover designs in a classic/vintage style. In addition, various decorations can be tied in place.

But don't be greedy by installing everything, just enough, so as not to lose the classic basic impression that is its trademark.

Seeing the results of the finished design, of course no one will believe it if you make it yourself. Especially if you say that the design was completed in just a matter of minutes.


Well, how? You can use any of these to make wedding invitations. Besides that, you can too make a wedding invitation video on the article.

Apart from saving money, you will be happier with the results of your own designs, especially for important events in your life such as weddings or birthdays. Good luck.

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