Olshop application to pay in safe and reliable places

Rancakmedia.com – Many are confused about using the olshop application to pay in a safe and reliable place where, in this article, we will recommend the olshop application that can be used for COD.

Cash on Delivery or what we are more familiar with as COD is a payment method that is very popular with the people of Indonesia because this payment method is very practical and easy to make compared to other payment methods.

Before the COD payment method, it was clear that only individuals who already had a bank account/Atm Card could shop online, the rest for those who did not have or did not have a bank account/Atm Card could just browse around or not buy.

Indonesian customers will find it easier to shop online now that this payment option is available, and this will only increase their enthusiasm to do so.

However, it should also be noted that not all online shopping sites in Indonesia support the on-site payment option or COD.

Maybe only 10 percent can COD, the rest can't or maybe in the coming years. Of the many olshops that can COD in Indonesia, here we classify them into the top 12 stores only.

As a result of our own shopping experiences and those of others, we have compiled a list of the top 12 online COD shops, ranked on factors such as customer satisfaction, trust, price, delivery time, and the quality of the products they offer.

It is ensured that if you buy from this online site, you will be far from disappointed and unhappy.

COD is a payment method that is in great demand by the people of Indonesia, there are lots of advantages of Cash On Delivery compared to bank transfer methods such as Indomaret and Alfamaret. Here are the 4 main benefits of this payment technique.

Advantages of Payment Methods Pay on the Spot

The first, is due to the fact that this mode of payment is absolutely safe. Because we will only pay for purchases when the goods arrive, we don't have to worry about being cheated as buyers who use this Cash On Delivery payment option.

Second, because we can verify the bespoke things with our own eyes. Is the item according to the order, damaged, not suitable, or other reasons?

We have the right to ask for a replacement or refund from the delivery service if the item we paid for is not what we expected. So you won't be disappointed with this COD payment option.

Third reason is when we pay with COD, we are treated like royalty. Customers do not need to visit a bank, ATM, Indomaret or Alfamaret to pay for online purchases.

Just relax at home and wait for the courier to take our money. This means that customers can save time and effort in making online purchases at online stores.

And fourth, everyone can shop online conveniently with the Pay On Place payment option.

Starting from children, housewives, school children, and other illiterate people. In contrast to the Bank transfer payment option which is specifically for people who have bank accounts/ATM cards only.

Of the many online olshops that can COD in Indonesia, here we classify them into the top 11 stores only.

As a result of our own shopping experiences and those of others, we have compiled a list of the top 11 online COD shops, ranked on factors such as customer satisfaction, trust, price, delivery time, and the quality of the products they offer.

It is ensured that if you buy from this online site, you will be far from disappointed and unhappy.

Olshop application to pay on the spot

Below are olshops that can pay COD, as follows:


Who doesn't know Lazada? The most popular online store in Indonesia with a complete range of goods offered and also a delivery range that covers all parts of Indonesia.

We highly recommend this online shop for all of you, because in this online shop the prices are pretty good, there are lots of discount certificates and they are complete.

In addition, orders are delivered in timely delivery. Average 2 to 3 days for residents in the Greater Jakarta area.

Lazada not only delivers goods quickly, but also offers a variety of payment options, including Cash On Delivery (also known as “Pay on Delivery”).


If this is an Indonesian E-commerce site based on the idea of an online shopping mall, it's worth a try.

Lots of Choices The online store's slogan, Big Deals, is well deserved as they offer everything from electricity tokens to more.

The problem is that the price is relatively cheaper than other online retailers, especially the daily discount for clearing the warehouse which creates a shopping desire.

In addition, any items marked "sent by Blibli.com" can be purchased with the COD payment method.


Matahari mall is an online store more or less comparable to Lazada. All goods are in this shop from clothing to electrical equipment.

Deep discounts, on the other hand, make this shop stand out. Have you ever benefited from a ninety nine percent discount? or have you ever heard of such a significant discount.

However, Mataharimall does this regularly, both to celebrate Mataharimall's birthday, Idul Fitri, New Year, or various other events. This most popular online shop also supports the on-site payment (COD) mechanism.


There is no doubt that this is a Market Place style online store. In addition to cheap shipping costs, this olshop also provides payment methods to pay on the spot for various items.


Just like Bukalapak, this store is a huge marketplace rival for Bukalapak. A wide variety of goods from various suppliers are offered in this shop.

If in the past you could not COD, now Tokopedia can COD based on each vendor, such as Bukalapak.


Despite the fact that it may seem odd to Americans, this Indonesian online retailer is one of the top in the country for both price and product quality.

This shop used to be called Bilna and then changed its name to Orami as it is now. This online store is more or less similar to Lazada, although the site is more specialized for technology and household goods.

The store's merchandise is always in stock. So don't be afraid to rush out. You can also pay on the spot if you shop at this business.


JD id is an online store that currently has lots of advertisements on television in our beloved country. How cute id id's JD advert, impossible to forget and ringing in our ears forever.

Previously, this JD.id store could not use the on-site payment method, but now JD.id can COD throughout Indonesia with an anti-counterfeit guarantee.

List of Olshop applications to pay on the spot in the field of clothing

There are 3 Application olshop that you can use, including:


Zalora is our newest clothing retailer. This store's selection of clothing for both genders features only the most up-to-date and fashionable styles.

Although the price is a little expensive, the quality of the clothes is guaranteed. Not only that, Zalora also offers on-site payment tools for certain places.


Nirvana clothes. In this store, more than 100 thousand women's clothing is offered here. ranging from t-shirts, to Korean-style clothes are available in this shop.

This store provides clothes of course with mall quality but at honest prices. not only that, this shop also provides free shipping without restrictions and can even serve COD.

If you are a hijab styler, then you should see what this store has for hijab stylers. Starting from Muslim clothes, hijab, to the outfits in this shop.

In addition, the products are of the highest quality at affordable prices. Even if your mother doesn't have access to an ATM, you can still pay for your shop at home.

List of Olshop Payment Applications on the Spot in the Electronics Field

There are 3 olshop applications that you can use in the electronics field, including:


Bhinneka.com is an online retailer of information technology (IT) products, such as electronic gadgets, computers and related peripherals. This business is the largest and most complete online store in the field of selling IT equipment in Indonesia.

In addition to low prices and guaranteed quality, the products provided here are also of high quality. It is also possible to pay in 0% monthly payments.

Plus free shipping on certain purchases and you can pay at home.


This store is engaged in the sale of technological gadgets. Similar to the Bhinneka online shop in many ways. This is a Tokyo based online retailer.

Of course, this shop sells high-quality products made using sophisticated Japanese manufacturing techniques. Not only that, this shop can also pay from home.


Wow, this must be a notebook shop, no. But this online store doesn't just sell notebooks, this online store sells complete electronic products such as gadgets, laptops to accessories as well as diversity and rakuten.

What's even more strange about this store is that it also provides electronic goods service, bro. Online service is cool, isn't it? And the most important thing is that this online shop serves the COD system for the Jakarta area.

Olshop Update Pay in the Latest Place

  1. Dekoruma.com – Selling various home furniture
  2. Bukabuku.com – Sells various kinds of books
  3. Shopee.co.id – Shopee can cod with certain conditions
  4. Monotaro.id – A new online store that sells various kinds of tools and office supplies

Tips for ordering COD items to be safe and fast

1. Make sure you enter the delivery address info to your property in great detail. For example, street names, house numbers, and specifics about a house.

Be as specific as possible so that the courier who delivers your package doesn't get lost and your house is easy to find.

2. Make sure the payment date and time are correct. Make sure you don't go anywhere when the product is delivered to your home.

Who will pay the bills if no one is home? and our condolences to the courier as well.

3. Online shopping outside of holidays or busy times. Of course if you shop on holidays, online store clerks are very busy handling client purchases, so they will wait to the fullest and send lots of items at once to save costs.

Use a shipping service that charges a fee. This one will definitely arrive quickly and safely, because you will be charged a higher shipping fee.

Standard/Regular, OK (economical cost), Yes (coming tomorrow), Express (rushing), and others are paid shipping alternatives. Keep in mind that shipping costs vary depending on the class of delivery.


You don't need to be disappointed anymore because you don't have a bank account to shop at online stores or you don't have to worry anymore about fraud because the 8 online stores above have provided a payment system to pay in place which of course makes it easy and gives you a sense of security when shopping online .

Those are some olshop applications to pay in safe and trusted places. That's all we can say for now, hope this is useful.

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