How to Change Cover Mp3 on Android Without the Latest Application – Now you can change the mp3 cover on your cellphone, see the method in the following article. Listening to music nowadays can be done anywhere and anytime just by using a smartphone without the need to have an mp3 device to play it.

Various music player applications have also been freely accessed for free on the Play Store via cellphone settings. But most people nowadays get music for free (not original), therefore have many problems.

Some of the drawbacks include the imperfect quality of the music, including lots of text linking to download sites. The most frequent option is for the uploader to select an image or cover from a random download site.

The image may be a logo or banner for the download site, an image of the artist, a personal image of the person who submitted it, or no image at all.

Changing or adding an image to mp3 to make it look better can be an option if you are not satisfied with how the current image looks. Can?

Of course you can, usually there are various ways to replace photos in mp3 on Android, first without third-party applications, and secondly with third-party applications. However, the use of third-party applications will be our first topic of discussion.

Application to Change Cover Mp3

The most famous mp3 photo replacement program is Star Music Tag Editor. Here's a simple approach to replace photo mp3 photos on Android using the latest star music tag editor app that works 100 percent.

How to Change Cover Mp3

  1. The first step is to download and install the Star Music Tag Editor application on the Play Store.
  2. Then launch the app and search and select the song or music that contains the image or photo you want to change.
  3. Select the Take Picture option when you have reached the desired place in the photo of the song or music.
  4. Next select the storage area where you save the images or photos you want to install on Mp3.
  5. And finally, to save it, first enter it in the *Album column (regardless of the content) then click Save.
    Then check the results.

To ensure the highest possible image quality and avoid blurring, you'll need to prepare photos for future use in your MP3 player before beginning these instructions.

Apart from modifying photos, you can also edit or remove tags such as album title, artist and so on.

Does it matter if the newly created image is sent to a smartphone or other portable gadget? will the image disappear?

When transmitting via Bluetooth or any form of transmission via Wi-Fi (such as the SHAREIt app), the image or photos will still be there. However, if you use a chat application, sometimes the image disappears and sometimes it is there too.

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