Specifications and Price for Realme 9 Pro Check out the Facts in Indonesia

Rancakmedia.com – Realme confirms the availability of the latest Realme cellphones in Indonesia, namely Realme 9 Pro and Realme 9 Pro Plus. On February 15, two new Realme 2022 smartphones will be sold in Indonesia. What is the price of this realme phone?

Palson Yi, Marketing Director for Realme Indonesia, said that the Realme 9 Pro Series, the company's newest smartphone, will have a 5G chipset similar to Realme 2022. Curious how much this Realme phone costs?

Regarding Realme's 2022 plan, Realme intends to become a popularizer of 5G in Indonesia. This latest realme phone fits that purpose. This Realme phone has a suggested retail price of $70.

According to him, as a superior product line, the Number Series inherits flagship class features, packed with flagship designs and flagship class build quality that match the price.

"We think that the 9 Pro Series can be a flagship in the middle class market which is appreciated by young people," said Palson in his official statement, Thursday (3/2/2022).

One of the advantages of the Realme 9 Pro series is the back panel which changes color when exposed to sunlight or exposure to ultra violet (UV) radiation.

The back of the Realme 9 Pro gadget will change from blue to red in three seconds. If sunlight or UV radiation is no longer present, the hue will return to blue after two to five minutes.

This special design effect can be produced due to the photochromic principle, by adding OCA organic photochromic material. This allows the back to change color when exposed to UV light.

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