How to Check Electricity Bills Online from the Latest HP – Checking electricity bills is something postpaid electricity customers do every month. Checking electricity bills does not need to come directly to the nearest PLN (State Electricity Company) office.

Electricity is a vital need to carry out various tasks for families, companies and companies. As a result, you have to take steps to ensure that your monthly electricity bill won't be a problem.

Before making a payment, consider checking your electricity bill online to see how much money you have to prepare.

When it comes to checking your electricity bill online on your smartphone, Qoala is eager to share. Here's a detailed review that you can read and contribute to your knowledge about electricity bills!

Get Online Access to Check Electricity Bills

The PLN website and app allow you to view your electricity bill online, in case you weren't aware. This service makes it easy for PLN customers who cannot or have time to visit the electricity payment counter to verify the amount of the electricity bill before paying.

This online option can be made through the PLN website or through the PLN application which can be downloaded on all types of smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems.

Here is a simple way to check your electricity bill online using each of the methods listed.

Check Electricity Bills Online Through the PLN Website

You can quickly find out how much electricity you have by checking your monthly bill. One way to check electricity bills online that is familiar to many people is through the official PLN website.

If this is your first time doing it and you're still unsure about how simple it is, try following the instructions below.

  1. Open the PLN website or check directly on the page
  2. If you don't have one, create one in the lower-right corner of the page.
  3. Fill in all the required info and click register.
  4. You will get an email with a verification code from PLN, which you can enter on the website page you are currently viewing.
  5. Use the email address and password you created when you first registered to access your account.
  6. Billing information and electricity purchase history, including street lighting tax, will then be displayed by the system.

Check Electricity Bills Online Through the PLN Application

Want to know how to check your electricity bill for free? All mobile phone users with an iOS or Android operating system can take advantage of the free PLN Mobil application. Here's how check electricity bills online through the PLN application.

Yes, besides opening the PLN website and filling out an application every time you want to check your electricity bill, this method can also be used. If you use the PLN application, you can check your electricity bill in two ways.

How to Check Electricity Bills Online for iOs Users

Checking electricity bills can also be done on cellphones that use the iOS operating system. If you are an iPhone or other Apple device user, you can first download an application called PLN Mobile from the App Store. Here's how to check electricity bills online using a smartphone.

To use the PLN vehicle application on the App Store, you must first have the application with a high-speed internet connection.

  1. Open the application after you have successfully downloaded it on your smartphone.
  2. Then click Billing Information and Electricity Tokens on the information menu.
  3. Enter your customer ID or your home electricity meter number and click search.
  4. The bill will be displayed on the phone screen so you can see the minimum amount.

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