How to Remove Ads in Apps with Lucky Patcher – You can remove Ads with Lucky Patcher, there are various kinds of adverts available for Android phones. Ads can take the form of movies, banners, full-screen ads, and many variations of these formats.

Ads on your smartphone usually appear because you are using internet applications, but there are other offline applications that also show advertisements from time to time. If you download application Android image editing, for example, you may see ads in the app.

Ads are acceptable if they are in the form of images and appear rarely. However, what if the ad is an unavoidable video ad or the ad appears every time you open the app? Since you have to wait for the ad to finish playing within 15 or even 30 seconds, this is obviously very inconvenient.

However, you need to know that one of their sources of income is advertising applications in your Android applications, such as games.

That is, they earn money through advertising. And if you still want to know how to get rid of pop ads on Android, one way is to use Lucky Patcher. What are the advantages of using this application?

Lucky Patcher is one way to get rid of ads on Android without needing to root. This means that your smartphone does not need to be rooted to be able to use this application.

However, this app can also operate on pre-rooted phones. This means you can still use Lucky Patcher on a rooted smartphone.

Unlike other ad remover apps that require your smartphone to be rooted before you can run it.

Apart from that, Lucky Patcher is famous for its applications to repair or patch applications to make them more user-friendly.

How To Remove Ads Using Lucky Patcher with Root

Then how do you get rid of ads in Android applications using Lucky Patcher? We will tell you how to use Lucky Patcher with and without root. Here we will explain how.

Remove Ads with Download Lucky Patcher

To get started, you'll need to download a copy of the Lucky Patcher app first. Where should you download it? You can download it on the Play Store or maybe you can also try Android app stores other than the Play Store which of course also provides this application.

Apart from that, you can also download it directly on the internet which later this application will be in APK format.

Installing it is as easy as going to the Play Store and clicking “Install”; it will start as soon as you finish downloading it. To start blocking ads, you must first launch the program after it is installed.

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