How to Convert Youtube Videos to Mp3 Without Application – Now you can convert YouTube videos to mp3 videos without using an application, see the explanation in the following article.

YouTube music, live music, and talk shows are just a few of the ways YouTube has grown to become a popular online entertainment destination.

However, sometimes we just need music that is on YouTube and not on other channels. Listening to music is generally to accompany us on a trip or on a plane or just a companion before going to bed.

So, to be able to download and convert music from Youtube to MP3 format, you need the site This service can convert YouTube videos to MP3 and store them on your device for offline listening anytime and anywhere.

How to Convert Youtube Videos to Mp3 Without Application

Here's how to download YouTube videos for free without application and convert to mp3.

  1. First, open the Youtube site or app, and select the video you want to download
  2. Then, go to the video sharing menu and select “Copy Link” from there.
  3. After that, browse to the site
  4. Select paste or paste from the drop-down menu that appears after long-pressing in the search field (link copied from Youtube).
  5. Select mp3 as the quality format, then click Convert (download)
  6. Wait for the file to finish downloading before proceeding.

If the download is complete, then just open the music app on your phone, update your music list, it will be downloaded immediately, the result will be added to the playlist, so you can enjoy the download anytime.

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