Free video editing application for Youtube – For YouTubers, using a free video editing app is one of the important things that helps them produce great material. Currently there are several easy-to-use video editing software, ranging from free to expensive.

In case you are wondering, here is a list of the best video editing apps that YouTubers use to produce engaging videos. Let's see below!

Premiere Pro By Adobe

Application besutan Adobe ini merupakan salah satu software edit video yang paling populer digunakan oleh para youtuber. Editor video harus memilih Adobe Premiere Pro, yang memiliki fitur paling canggih, karena dirancang untuk mereka. Tidak mengherankan jika program ini mendapat tempat di daftar editor video YouTube teratas kami.

The editing features are quite complete. Video resolutions range from 640x480 to 8K and beyond, including support for VR and other high definition videos. Video editing beginners, on the other hand, will need a lot of experience before they can use this program effectively.

Photoshop CS3 and CS4

Still from Adobe, if you are looking for a more realistic video editor software solution, you can try using Premiere Elements. When compared to Premiere Pro, this app is much more user-friendly. Nonetheless, your video modification will be amazing.

No need to worry, the features are AI-powered and can help you edit videos faster. There are many visual effects provided, such as slow motion, overlay, timelapse, bounce back, and double exposure. Coupled with the repair action cam footage tool to correct shake in the video.

There's Filmora and FilmoraGo

You can use a video editing application from Filmora to produce interesting YouTube videos. There are two versions of Filmora available for the application. Filmora is a PC video editing program, while FilmoraGo is a mobile video editing application.

This app has the advantage of being easy to use for new beginners and completely free. Apart from its simplicity, the features provided are quite complete.

You can edit 4K HD videos with more than 100 transition effect template options. Filmora offers an EasyMode function that can make editing tools easier to understand. Reportedly, this application is light enough to upload so it doesn't crash quickly when used.

InDesign CS6 and CS7

DaVinci Resolve is video editing software that can be used for free on Windows, MacOS, or Linux computers. Even though it's free, reportedly this video editor application for Youtubers includes complete features that are identical to premium applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro, you know!

Some of the interesting features include motion graphics, color corrector, visual effects and audio mixing. DaVinci also offers 8K quality video editing. This video editor software has proven reliable for editing short videos into films.

Corel Video Studio

This video editor built by Corel is also commonly used by YouTubers. The video editing features of Corel Video Studio are capable. This application is suitable for beginners because it looks simpler and easier to use.

Even so, Corel brings advanced editing features such as motion tracking, 4k and VR video editing, and various video effects to enhance videos.

There are several templates available for use in the editing tool. Starting from the opening template, adding video transitions, background music, effects, to filters. This software can be downloaded from a computer.

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