Latest Anime Making Application for Android 2022 – Talking about anime, there is special good news for anime lovers who have smartphones. You can try anime making applications to draw your favorite anime.

Unlike before, now we have to wait for our favorite anime station to broadcast Japanese cartoons if we want to see them. Technology has enhanced our ability to watch anime on streaming sites like Crunchyroll and YouTube.

Making anime will be very easy with this application. Why? Because you only need to change a few things in this anime making application later. So you no longer need to design parts like hair, eyes, and so on.

Best Android Anime Maker Application 2022

Tap Anime

Through an application called Tap Anime, you can make anime easily and realistically. The reason is, this application already provides various anime illustrations that you will have to color later.

A variety of smooth and full colors make the anime you color look charming. Despite just receiving over 1 million downloads, this app has already received a good rating of 4.7 stars.


FlipaClip lets you create animated cartoons and anime in a way no previous app could. Despite the simple user interface, the available features are wide and varied.

You can also add your own audio or the famous audio that this application has offered. You can also use for free up to 3 layers. Upgrade to the Pro version for up to ten levels of versatility.


The Anime Maker app, as the name suggests, lets you apply various items to create beautiful anime. The best anime face maker application with good results.

You can choose a variety of interesting elements, from eyes, hair, lips, to clothes to apply to the anime you make. This application made by Tokulen is suitable for novice users because it has an easy-to-use interface.

Anime Cat Anime Making Application

For those of you who like to draw, Anime Paint might be a solution for you to display works that are more comfortable but up to date. A wide variety of anime theme and image categories are available, so you're sure to find something you like.

The name Anime Paint implies that all you have to do is add a few strokes of color to your anime of choice. Sounds simple but also fun for sure.

Anime Art: How To Draw Anime.

Anime Art Sholtis Word Games is the next top-rated Android anime creation app. With a simple design, you will still get a variety of interesting features for producing anime, such as 99+ lessons on making anime and manga.

The easy-to-use features allow you to draw popular anime like One Piece and Naruto in the future. Even though it has a light size and isn't used often, this application is worth trying.

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