The Best Free Android Piano Keyboard App Online - For those of you who like to play the piano, you must know the piano keyboard application that we have recommended in the following article. In this day and age, learning the piano can also be done through an application. Because of course there are quite a number of piano applications that allow for that.

Aplikasi ini sangat bagus untuk kamu yang ingin belajar piano sendiri. Selain itu, les piano tidak murah, seperti yang akan dibuktikan oleh banyak orang. Lalu apa saja rekomendasi aplikasinya? Berikut ini adalah rundown dari setiap item.

List of Piano Apps for Online/Offline Learning

You must know the list of piano applications for self-taught learning, the best offline android piano app 2022.

Keyboard Pianos

Even those who are just learning games will be able to enjoy the initial levels of this app. Are you a fan of popular music? Can play it through this application.

Are jazz songs more suitable for you? You can also. Piano Keyboard can be enjoyed not only on tablets but also on smartphones.

Real Piano

Real Piano is a third-party piano program that you can use to teach yourself the piano. The Bilkon application is famous for its many features that make it easier for you to learn the piano yourself.

Besides, learning about piano chords and musical notes will be very easy. To return to the topic of features, this app has many interesting features, including multitouch, studio-quality audio, and scalable piano.

In addition, there are also the sounds of other instruments such as guitars, organs to the grand piano. You can also record while training or playing this app as usual.

Real PianoTeacher

The dream of becoming an excellent piano player can also be achieved by studying and one way is by using the Real Piano Teacher application. This application is also equipped with a number of interesting features.

Among them is a learning mode for beginners who want to learn the piano from scratch. Apart from that, game modes can also be found on the website. You can play with other people in this mode.

Compete with other users for the top number on the leaderboard this way. Want to play freestyle? It's also possible; just choose a mode to make it happen.

This piano application produced by Mobobi LLC is also equipped with an application with good audio quality. For this type of key there are even up to 6 octaves. Moreover, you can run it on your mobile and tablet.


Those of you who are interested in learning how to play various instruments may want to explore this app for some thoughts. The reason is, it doesn't only have a piano, but also a guitar, bass, and ukulele. Practice is much more fun because there are more than a thousand songs to play.

It's quite simple to use Yousician. That is, place the gadget that has this application near the musical instrument or piano that you want to play. After that, wait until Yousician shows you how good your piano playing talent is or not.

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