How to buy applications on the Google Play Store at Indomaret – Want to buy a Google Play Store voucher? Indomaret is a convenient place to buy Google Play gift vouchers. The following is a guide to buying Google Play voucher codes from Indomaret.

You can pay for your purchases at the Play Store by means of payment.. Using a voucher is another option for making payments, besides a credit card.

You can buy Play Store vouchers at Indomaret, then exchange them for Google Play balance. To buy a voucher, follow the steps below.

Come on, buy a Google Play Store voucher at Indomaret

To use your Google Play voucher code, simply visit your local Indomaret. If you have trouble finding it, you can ask the cashier or Indomaret staff at the store for help. After that, all you have to do is buy the code and pay for it at the register.

After making a payment at the cashier, you can take the voucher home. Inside the voucher there is a code that you can use.

The following are the steps for exchanging vouchers.

  1. Go to the Google Play website/app.
  2. Enter/click the redeem menu
  3. Then enter the voucher code that you have. Then exchange code.
  4. Now the Google Play balance in your Google account is full. You can immediately use it for purchases in the Play Store.

You can also buy using UniPin and pay at Indomaret

If the Indomaret Play Store voucher code is out of stock or not available, there are several more options. You can buy a voucher code from UniPin.

In addition, the number of vouchers that can be accessed at UniPin is much more diverse. You can buy vouchers starting at a nominal value of 5 thousand, 10 thousand, 20 thousand, 50 thousand, 100 thousand, 150 thousand, 300 thousand, up to 500 thousand.

Follow these steps to buy UniPin vouchers.

1. Proceed to the website, then go to the Google Play voucher code purchase page. Or you can go directly to the Google Play voucher purchase page.
2. Next, select the nominal voucher you want to buy.
3. Select Indomaret/Alfamart as your payment channel in the payment options area. Choose Indomaret.
4. Next, enter your email address to confirm your transaction.
5. Here you receive payment information and instructions. Immediately come to Indomaret and make payments there.

After payment is complete, a voucher code will be sent to your email. After that, you can use the Play Store to use your voucher code.

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