YouTube Rewind Indonesia 2021 Tells About What – Almost at the end of every year, YouTube Rewind Indonesia airs and will highlight the main topics and trends in Indonesia throughout 2021.

The Covid-19 epidemic, environmental issues, and gender equality are all discussed on YouTube Rewind Indonesia 2021.

The video “YouTube Rewind Indonesia” summarizes some of the new viral trends that may emerge in 2021. After that, they are put into a shared visual representation.

The directors of Rewind Indonesia 2021 are Chandra Liow and Aulion. The two seem to have managed to get help from a number of famous people.

From Deddy Corbuzier, Deny Sumargo, Nessie Judge, Arnold Poernomo, Fadil Jaidi, Arief Muhammad, Raditya Dika, and Jerome Polin, the list goes on and on. Also, the content creator's own interests must be represented in the speech.

Like Najwa Shihab, Cinta Laura and Maudy Ayunda who gave remarks related to burning concerns. Shihab spoke of the need for Indonesian youth to be brave in their battle against falsehood.

Video content for YouTube Indonesia Rewind 2021

Cinta Laura underlines the importance of gender equality for Indonesian women, because expectations and goals are egalitarian.

Meanwhile, Maudy Ayunda underlined the importance of equal distribution of education in Indonesia, both in big cities and in remote areas.

As many as 70 content creators or YouTubers are eager to work together in Rewind Indonesia 2021.

After being released on 30 December 2021, Rewind Indonesia 2021 has quickly become a popular YouTube Indonesia.

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