Microsoft Teams updated In Last Month – The December upgrade to Microsoft Teams advances its goal of making Teams the go-to platform for calling, meeting, and workplace collaboration.

End-to-end encryption for Microsoft Teams calls and the new 911 emergency call location identification feature are just two of many additions to Microsoft Teams in December 2021.

December saw improvements to Teams meetings, chat and collaboration, devices, security and compliance, government telephony and Teams.

To prevent unauthorized access, admins can now choose whether or not they want E2EE enabled for Teams one-to-one conversations, which started rolling out in December.

Microsoft Teams features updated

Microsoft Teams features updated

Several features, including recording, live text and transcription, as well as adding participants to create conversations as group calls, will no longer operate after E2EE is enabled because they rely on Microsoft processing user content in the cloud.

The dynamic 911 emergency feature for Teams Phone allows automatic detection of a Teams Phone user's location in an emergency. Admins need to enable dynamic 911 policies for users.

Teams uses location services for Android and iOS to offer location information. In December, Microsoft fixed a strange bug affecting Android devices when users made emergency calls via Teams.

After an emergency call was made the issue caused certain devices to freeze. Since the issue impacts emergency calls, Google and Microsoft are prioritizing their respective patches.

“Unintentional interaction between the Teams software and the Android operating system,” according to Microsoft, is at the root of the problem.

Google is offering a separate Android upgrade this month, but as Android Police reports, it has started contacting consumers to persuade them to upgrade application Teams prior to its Android release.

In another update, Teams Meetings gained a 'hands-raising order' feature that allows users to see which participants raised their hands and in what order. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the Participant panel on the right of the screen.

For Teams meeting recordings, Microsoft offers multi-speed playback, speaker attribution for Teams Live Transcribe enabled meetings, indexed recordings, and auto-recordings, while auto-recordings expire soon.

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