The Quik Video Editing App for iOS and Android – GoPro's free photography and video editing app, Quik, is available for iOS and Android devices. In a sleek and fast program, it is known for providing many features on par with desktop photo or video editors.

The game works great with other apps, and it works great whether it's photos, videos, or both that you want to focus on.

Quik Video Editing App Features

Fitur aplikasi terlalu banyak untuk dibahas dalam satu ulasan, jadi mari kita mulai dengan dasar-dasarnya: Video 7020p dan 1080p dapat diedit dan disimpan (yang HD).

You can remove redundant parts of a video that you left over to record to make sure you'll record it every time, and you can merge videos if you have enough material to make one great video.

Here, even the most basic features are elevated to incredible levels of excellence. For example, you can select a video link and the app will automatically trim and transition!

Quik Video Editing App Features

Then there's the text overlay. You can choose from a wide selection of visual styles, including fonts and effects, to make the text you add to photos or videos work best.

And in fact, you can use emojis too. As soon as you get it, it's one feature you won't want to give up!

There is one thing to note. While this app allows you to create your own photo slideshow and even edit the photos to enhance the slideshow, there is a limit of 50 photos and 50 videos, so it might be a bit restrictive.

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