How to Register for the Latest 2022 FF Advance Server – Already opened, find out how to register for the latest FF advance server. Use Facebook or Google to register for the FF advance server. Do not miss!

When 2021 comes to an end, Garena will open registration for the newest FF advance server in December this year. Enjoy lots of fun with the latest FF content that hasn't been officially published on the advance server.

Don't miss it, register yourself as an FF bug hunter on the FF advance server to get a free diamond award.

Free Fire is well-known among mobile players as one of the most popular battle royale games. The goal of this game is to reach the end of the game alive. If successful, you will receive BOOYAH!

Interestingly, a high-end smartphone or cell phone is not required to play Final Fantasy. It's no surprise that more and more players are discovering and enjoying this particular game.

Latest FF Advance Server Schedule

Umumnya, Survivors (sebutan untuk pemain FF) memainkan Free Fire menggunakan client atau aplikasi yang diunduh melalui Play Store atau App Store. Namun, tersedia juga server FF yang canggih, yaitu program FF mandiri yang hanya dibuka sesuai permintaan.

Advanced server players can test the latest Free Fire content on the FF client before it becomes available on the main client. As well as providing the latest pre-release content on the main client, you should also report identified bugs on the FF advanced server.

If you find a problem, you can immediately report it to Free Fire. As a result, there will be no interruptions when new content becomes available through the latest updates of the Free Fire client.

Interestingly, you may find Diamonds for finding and reporting bugs too. Can't wait to test FF advance server? Read more about some interesting facts below, including a sign up guide, download link, and how to receive an activation code.

Latest FF Advance Server Schedule

The server opening period will open on January 6, 2022, and will remain until January 13, 2022, as revealed on the official FF advance server page. The good news, registration can be done now.

For now, you can still register or register and download the FF advance server. To play the FF advance server, make sure the server is still open.

When the server is closed, you will soon be unable to play the FF advance server and will have to wait for the next period to reopen.
Want to know more facts, what is the FF advance server and how do you register it? Read more below.

The difference between Advance Server FF and Free Fire Original

The main client and the Free Fire advanced server are separate programs. So, to run FF advance server, you need a specific client.

To get the official FF advance server download link, you must first register at the Free Fire app store or play store.

Another difference lies in the content and stability of the Free Fire program. The advanced FF server is expected to have some issues. This is because the client includes some content that is still in testing or incomplete.

So don't be surprised, you will experience some bugs when playing FF advance server. Through the FF advance server, players can find weapons, new characters, and areas that may not yet exist on the main server.

If you encounter issues such as bugs, players can also report them immediately and potentially receive free Diamond awards.

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