Natural Disasters Can Affect Mental Health


Environmental Crisis Affects Mental Health 1
Environmental Crisis Affects Mental Health 1

Disasters have repeatedly approached. The last time there was an earthquake in Malang which resulted in material losses and of course the disaster affected the mental health of the victims.

Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Unair Prof. Yusuf stated that disasters affect mental stress and discomfort, which ultimately has an impact on mental health.

“Environmental crises, whether disasters or human activities, can force someone to seek help from a psychotherapist or psychologist. "This incident caused depression, anger and provoked sadism," he said, quoted from the ITS website, Thursday (15/). 4/2021).

He stated that disasters affect the mental and psychosocial disorders are cases of mental health disorders that often occur in society after disasters affect the mental.

Disasters that have a serious mental impact are a form of mental disorder and disturbance caused by a failure in the mechanism for adjusting mental function to external stimuli. This results in disturbances in the psychological structure.

“Psychological factors that influence individuals are mental disorders or mental disorders. "Like schizophrenia, it is a disorder that arises from the response of adaptive mechanisms of mental function to stimuli," he explained.

Judging from psychosocial problems, natural disasters affect mental inability to interact with the environment which results in intellectual disability.

Intellectual disability is a state of arrested or incomplete intellectual development and is characterized by a limited ability to develop during development.

Intellectual disabilities can affect all levels of intelligence, such as: B. Language, motor, cognitive and social skills.

"There are many psychosocial problems faced by society in the environmental crisis, namely sadness, hopelessness, stress and depression which lead to intellectual disability," he explained.

Disasters Affect Mentality

Natural disasters affect mental health. He emphasized that environmental conditions have a big influence on mental health. As a countermeasure, many are targeting clothing, food and shelter which is the most important part of responding to the anticipated emergence of mental-emotional problems in society.

Therefore, he hopes that there will be cooperation between the government and non-governmental organizations at national and international levels, families and health workers. The goal is to be able to handle it health mentally well and effectively.

He added that program continuity, information sharing and mutual cooperation can prevent the implementation of environmental crisis management programs from overlapping.

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