Come on, check the GTK info. Honorary teachers can get 1.8 million social assistance

Come on, check the GTK info. Honorary teachers can get 1.8 million social assistance – Non-PNS Educators and Education Personnel (PTK) can get Kemdikbud Income Subsidy Assistance (BSU) in the amount of IDR 1.8 million. To check it, you can go through GTK information (Teachers and Teaching Staff) on the site.

Besides that, GTK info acts as a validation that receives teacher certification allowances and incentives. For teachers whose status is not yet valid, they must correct the data through the Basic Education Data application (Dapodik) and re-synchronize until the status switches to valid.

The condition for receiving BSU is IDR 1.8 million Kemdikbud

  1. Indonesian citizens
  2. Non civil servant status
  3. Did not receive wage/salary subsidy assistance from the Ministry of Manpower until 1 October 2020
  4. Do not accept pre-employment cards until October 1, 2020
  5. Receiving income of less than IDR 5 million per month

How to check Kemdikbud GTK info

  1. Open the official Kemdikbud GTK info page at https://info.gtk.kemdikbud.go.id2020.
  2. Select 'Directly Login to GTK'.
  3. Enter the PTK account and password according to Dapodik
  4. After successfully logging in, the screen will show information related to BSU Kemdikbud, such as the name of the channeling bank. This means that the user has successfully passed the requirements to obtain a BSU.

After successfully passing the Ministry of Education and Culture's BSU, participants must prepare documents and bring them to the intended channeling bank. The recipient must activate the account no later than June 30 2021. If by the specified deadline it does not activate, the channeling bank will close the account and the funds will be returned to the state treasury.

Ministry of Education and Culture Rp. 1.8 million BSU disbursement mechanism

  • Disbursement information at

The Ministry of Education and Culture has created a new account for each non-PNS PTK that receives BSU from the government. Information on disbursement status, accounts, and location of channeling banks can be found at

  • Documents that need to be prepared

PTK non-PNS recipients of Kemdikbud BSU must prepare KTP, NPWP if any, decision letter for BSU recipients which can be downloaded at Info GTK and PD Dikti, and Statement of Absolute Responsibility (SPTJM) which is downloaded at Info GTK and PD Dikti.

  • PTK non PNS visits the channeling bank to activate the account and receive BSU

PTK brings the necessary documents to be examined by officers at the channeling bank. The deadline for activating the Ministry of Education and Culture's BSU account for non-PNS PTK is June 30, 2021. The information is at
BSU Rp. 1.8 million from the Ministry of Education and Culture was not received in full by the targeted non-PNS PTK, which numbered up to two million people. The amount of BSU is deducted by Income Tax (PPh) 5% for those who already have an NPWP and 6% for those who don't have it yet.

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