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Rancakmedia.com – The world of technology and how to get information now dominates human needs, starting from the information we have to find the information ourselves and we have to do a study and find out whether the information is genuine or not.

One of the research programs or fields of study that study it is information systems which studies how certain hardware and software can be created and managed to interact with data.

So, of course, if you are going to college or want to continue your studies in the major information systems field, currently there are many major information systems fields that you can find at universities or campuses in Indonesia.

Before you know which campus is right for you to learn more about major information systems, you must know what you will study at major information systems. Come on, get acquainted with the information systems department!

What is the main thing about information systems? The easy idea is that major information systems are a mix of computer science, management and business. This major focuses on software or software but more on how the software applies to business, therefore unexpectedly many courses in this department are related to economics and corporate affairs.

What will you study in information systems? The information systems department offers you a wide range of general knowledge courses during the first six months such as religious education, management and organization, national insights, IT, discrete mathematics and programming languages. In the first semester you will be informed and informed about all matters concerning general knowledge and basic knowledge.

Information Systems Department

During the second semester you will get courses in Scientific & Communication Technology, Algorithms & Information Structures, English, Introduction to Economic Systems, IS/IT Architectural Leadership & Interpersonal Skills. So, during the third semester, you will get courses in statistics, business design and management, computer network design and management, the basics of software development, introduction to databases, and object-oriented programming.

The fourth semester will cover courses in software analysis and design, human and computer interaction, information asset security, database design and web-based programming. You will get courses in software construction and testing, IT project management, operational research, systems simulation, enterprise resource planning, and IT services management in the fifth semester.

And for the sixth semester, you will get IT governance, IT risk management, IT procurement and investment management, and all database management courses.

Furthermore, for semester 7, you will get various IT-related courses, including IT performance measurement & evaluation, business intelligence, IS professional ethics, technology preneurship, IS/IT strategic planning, practical work and elective courses. Now you should focus on your final project for the last semester. How? Was the race fun?

Even though there are many undergraduate students in Indonesia, you cannot simply choose to study at any campus because the quality you choose is not guaranteed. But if you choose to major in information systems at Tarumanagara University or popularly called UNTAR, you don't need to be afraid!

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